summer street fairs

One of the best things about New York City is that you don’t need to do much planning to have an eventful day. You’ll often run into something entertaining, or at least mildly amusing, by accident: an act in Washington Square Park, some character with a boom box on the Williamsburg bridge, or — as we did last weekend — a pride parade.

When we woke up Sunday morning our only plans were to go to a coffee shop to get some work done, and then look at kittens to adopt with our friend Kate.

When we set out for the coffee shop, we were pleasantly surprised to discover a lively street fair already going on at our corner. It had your standard NYC fair booths: grilled corn, fruit smoothies, funnel cake, empanadas, crepes, and cheap jewelry and cell phone cases stacked up on folding tables. But it also had a Zumba demonstration, a dunk tank manned by our block’s firemen, and a booth selling unicorn horns. It wasn’t too hot or crowded, so ambling through the streets made for a perfect summer afternoon in Brooklyn.

No one was willing to pay $4 for marshmallows on a stick, so we had grilled corn and watermelon in a cup instead. Kate picked up some plants from the Brooklyn Botanical Garden booth for her terrarium as well.

Sadly, we haven’t found our kitten yet — the search continues.

IMG_4004 IMG_4001 IMG_3987 IMG_4002 IMG_4006 IMG_3996

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