Trees Grow in Brooklyn…

And firemen.

In Park Slope, we happen to live across the street from Ladder Co. 122 and Engine Co. 220. Though this does mean that sirens blare into the front bedroom throughout the night, it also assures our father that the apartment is very safe, and certainly provides some entertainment as we watch them play golf into the street (see below), show giddy little children around the fire truck, and shoot the breeze with each other in the front yard, the firehouse dog at their feet.


Live update: The moment after writing that sentence the doorbell suddenly rang. In typical triplet fashion, everyone looked stricken and started explaining why they shouldn’t have to be the one to answer the door. My time was due. But speak of the devil it was a fireman!

OK, so maybe the only reason he rang the bell was to ask if it was I who had parked a car in front of the firehouse. But still, it’s progress on our quest to get on a first-name basis with these fellas.

and sometimes, the firemen play golf into the street

on slow days, the firemen apparently play golf into the street (is it creepy that I take these photos from my window?)

Back on the Lower East Side, Anna’s only grievance was the lack of parks–or really, the lack of anything green at all–and the abundance of rats.

We are certainly nowhere close to being country girls, but still, once you leave the Lower East Side you realize how nice it is to actually live among trees — while still remaining in New York City, of course.

And that’s the joy of living two blocks away from Prospect Park.
Trees grow in Brooklyn, and it is lovely.

snapshots from the neighborhood: IMG_4044 IMG_4048 IMG_4054IMG_4032 IMG_4055 IMG_4058 IMG_4065 IMG_4067

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One thought on “Trees Grow in Brooklyn…

  1. Uncle Tom on said:

    Very pretty pictures –and text.

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