weekend in the country

This weekend, as we do about once a year, we headed to beautiful Bucks County, Pennsylvania to visit our uncles and their Irish terriers.

It’s a short 1.5 hour getaway from the city, in a picturesque small town. We spent most of the time by the pool, playing with the puppies, and scoping out the flea markets. And though one would think that Bucks County couldn’t compete with New York City nightlife, we made it to three parties on Saturday night — a massive flag day party along the Delaware river, crashing a wedding behind our uncles’ art gallery, and dancing and drinks at the local bar, The Raven.

Some moments:

IMG_4094the thrill of having a mantel has not worn off yet. perhaps we’ll begin every trip and special occasion with a formal pose at the mantel.
IMG_4102 Park Slope >>Port Authority>>Pennsylvania

photo (6)IMG_4132IMG_4135 IMG_4187IMG_4217 IMG_4218  “Irish Rose of Christmas Day.” Otherwise known as Rosie. IMG_4239IMG_4247 IMG_4257 IMG_4271 IMG_4278 IMG_4287

[we have a tendency to call them “puppy,” “dolly-dear,” “sweetie,” and “tiny” in high pitched voices. and we were a bit confused when they tended to ignore us. turns out when you call them by their actual names they come running over. ]IMG_4302 IMG_4312 IMG_4327classic lil’ KT face. sporting gold hoops since 1999. IMG_4346

IMG_4314 IMG_4353 IMG_4389Billy warned Anna repeatedly to move out of the sun. let her legs be a lesson to us all.

IMG_4394 IMG_4400 IMG_4421some day we’ll learn how to haggle. [Golden Nugget Flea Market]
IMG_4424 Wessel+O’Connor Gallery. IMG_4427sadly, this wouldn’t fit on the bus home with us. IMG_4432 IMG_4433


lawn party on the delaware river.

photo (9) photo (7)
photo (4)

photo (5)still don’t know the name of the bride or groom but it was a darling wedding. and as Seinfeld points out, the world can learn a lot from the black and white cookie.
photo (2)ended the night with a disco ball and smoke machine by the pool.

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2 thoughts on “weekend in the country

  1. You guys are such little hipsters I can’t get over it!

    Also, Katie’s hoops since 1999. I believe they started out pink and plastic from Claire’s.

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