the weekend of Tommy

Our country cousin arrived this week. It is important to note that he is actually from the Ozarks of Missouri (ran around in his underwear and barefeet till he was 10, as he likes to remind us) lest people mistake him for a hipster. As we walked around Williamsburg, where half the men have big beards and suspenders, Tommy fit right in. Of course he wanted to “punch in the face” every other person that walked by.

We attempted to get drinks on the Wythe Hotel rooftop — but the long line in the rain was too much. Then we headed to Bushwick to eat supper at Roberta’s — but there was a 2-3 hour expected wait. So we went around the corner to a delicious dinner at Tutu’s, and then headed to the Lower East Side, and to il laboratorio del gelato, for dessert.

On Saturday, we played in Prospect Park with Jude and Lochy, dropped the babies back off in Queens, and then devoured about 6 orders of pork soup dumplings (plus noodle entrees) at Joe’s Shanghai.

Dessert was momofuku milk bar across the street, and then there was a short venture to — it turned out — the world’s worst bar in Midtown.

Sunday was spent back in Park Slope, helping out at the 5th ave market.


photo-31IMG_4452 IMG_4459 IMG_4462IMG_4489 IMG_4485 IMG_4493IMG_4496 IMG_4504IMG_4507

photo(79) IMG_4513 IMG_4519Wild boar sliders and rosemary shallot fries. IMG_4527Salted caramel, mint chocolate chip, lemon, and cinnamon. photo(69)

saturdayIMG_4547 IMG_4549 IMG_4551 IMG_4553 IMG_4560 IMG_4572 IMG_4581 IMG_4591      photo(86)

the park wore out at least one little photo(74)selfies at a chinese photo(82) photo(83) photo(76) photo(77)photo(87) photo(88) photo(89) photo(90)photo(94)IMG_4594 IMG_4595 IMG_4596 IMG_4597

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3 thoughts on “the weekend of Tommy

  1. Mary Beth on said:

    Great cousin photos (should frame the first one of Tommy)! When will Molly’s wares be available online? It is too tempting to see such great photos of her desserts and to not be able to order some.

  2. My question is: did Tommy bring the hipster look to Williamsburg before the hipsters even thought about being hipsters? I’m thinking so….

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