dumbo & brooklyn ice cream factory

Sometimes we don’t always agree on everything. Anna and I like to sit on benches and subways. Katie stands everywhere to avoid bed bugs. I say let’s keep smuggling free toliet paper through our RA friend at NYU, and Anna and Katie think it’s time to start buying our own.  But the point is not about at what point in life you should start ponying up for toliet paper. The point is that, in order to limit disagreements, we have decided to let one person pick the itinerary for each day of the weekend and everyone has to agree–within reason. With great foresight we included in the rules that you can’t demand money on your day.

I was up first.

  • We headed to Dumbo
  • Got ice cream at the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory
  • Rode the carousel
  • Walked across the Brooklyn Bridge
  • Met up with Aunt Maureen downtown and visited the Irish Hunger memorial
  • Finished in TriBeCa with dinner at Walkers
  • Ambled home to the F train through Little Italy

photo(102)IMG_4740IMG_4746IMG_4749 As Katie said, Dumbo doesn’t feel like real life–more like a movie set. IMG_4751IMG_4754IMG_4758IMG_4762IMG_4770 Katie is not too happy about long, sunny lines for ice cream. IMG_4777IMG_4780IMG_4784IMG_4787 When Anna loses control of her melty peaches n’ cream cone, she lets others take a bite.IMG_4790IMG_4792IMG_4794IMG_4796IMG_4797IMG_4803IMG_4808 I tried to pretend I was there because I was babysitting the girl next to me, but the woman came and ruined my cover. IMG_4814IMG_4824IMG_4826




Sunny and 95 degrees in Manhattan.IMG_4890IMG_4892IMG_4900IMG_4896



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2 thoughts on “dumbo & brooklyn ice cream factory

  1. So glad you posted about the blog. I love it.

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