lobster pool party

I’m certainly not complaining about Independence Day in the city, but it felt a little off, as we usually spend the 4th in the Ozarks of Missouri. And the holiday seems to be one best celebrated in more rural parts.

But though we didn’t make it to Missouri this year, we did get a good dose of nature (and bug bites) this weekend when we made a trip to Waterford, Connecticut for a lobster party by the pool.
photo(126)[As we’re squeamish about NYC public pools, this was a real treat on such a hot day.]

After a nice dip in the pool, it was time for dinner. Buckets filled with lobsters, bowls of butter, grilled corn, hot dogs and hamburgers were brought out. First there was the obligatory “chasing” of people with creepy-looking lobsters…

photo(110)…and then we got cracking.photo(108)photo(106) photo(107)photo(116)Although dunking the meat in butter and wrapping it up in a toasted bun for lobster rolls was absolutely incredible, even the lobster completely plain, fresh from its shell, tasted delicious. dae56e8b-cffe-48f3-b1ab-9f41e4371805 [And vegetarians can also enjoy lobster parties.]6675632d-c3a2-4f76-884c-549c301ec9a2After tearing apart the lobsters, everyone was covered in bits of meat and hot butter, so it was time to jump in the pool again to clean off. A game of water basketball then ensued. [Though it really ended up more like rough water wrestling, as the boys dunked and shoved each other about.]b4b72833-8a8e-4fa3-b02c-2406753e4433photo(120) photo(121) photo(122) Giant Jenga: a slightly less aggressive, but still intense game.¬†photo(123) photo(124)Summer can feel complete now that we’ve had real s’mores. May there be many more in our future.

After dessert around the fire pit, the group took a long trek to the beach, and most people jumped into the freezing ocean.

However, we have seen the opening scene of Jaws. And everyone knows that it is exactly when everyone is at a party laughing and having a good time when a girl gets pulled under. Thus we sensibly stayed on the safe sand around the beach bonfire, where all the musicians in the group — basically everyone — sang along to a Melodica. Much safer.

[The weekend’s sand/pool water/lobster meat/95 degrees didn’t lend itself to bringing the fancy camera — and not really bringing out the iPhone either — so that’s the extent of the snapshots.]photo(127)Meanwhile, back in Manhattan…photo(128)Katie–preferring the comforts of her own bed–is not the biggest fan of overnight trips or sleepovers, where, as it usually turns out, you end up sleeping on a sandy futon in the basement. So she stayed put in Manhattan and joined our aunt, Maureen, for a visit to The Met on Saturday instead. She has a lot of catching up to do on the sights in NYC. This was a good start.photo(129)

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