Extra! Extra!: A Trip Back to Old New York

Now that Katie lives with us, it feels as though we always have a visitor. And so, we’re more inclined to do touristy things.

On Tuesday, Katie and I headed to the Upper West Side to check out the New-York Historical Society. One of my favorite charms of New York City is that just by walking the streets, looking up at turn-of-the-century tenements, you feel like you’re in a history museum. But the curated version is fun, too.

We viewed a film that compressed the entire history of NYC into 18 minutes, marveled at photos of a miserably packed Coney Island, and learned about the early years of AIDS in the city.

Our favorite part, though, ended up being the children’s section, which featured images of firemen and 1900’s newspaper boys. There is nothing that looks like more fun than being an old-fashioned little newspaper boy. I say, put those kids back on the street (in 1920’s costume, of course)! Just think how much you’d look forward to buying the daily paper from a little chap in a lumpy hat and dirt-smeared cheeks (just for effect, of course). The newspaper business would be saved.

photo-44photo-46photo-45 photo-42photo-47

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2 thoughts on “Extra! Extra!: A Trip Back to Old New York

  1. I can totally see Jude and Lochy working as Newsies! Good idea!

  2. Haha yeah they’d be perfect. Hopefully Molly will be ok with putting them to work.

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