Emily Williams, R.N.

Well, it was about time I changed up my name a bit–it’s been the same for 22 years, ya know.

And it would’ve been an awful lot of paper work and standing in lines just to get an “e” added to my middle name “Ann.” (Anne of Green Gables reference, anyone?)

Instead, today I passed the NCLEX — the state nursing boards — and got to tack on two brand new letters: “R” and “N” at the end of my name.

It looks like I’m a real nurse now. And so begins the job search…

In the meantime, I perused the vintage Cherry Ames book series for inspiration.

Flight nurse? Department store nurse? Clinic nurse? Wilderness nurse? Dude Ranch Nurse? Now that sounds exciting. Sadly, there’s not a huge market in NYC…But Cherry looked like she was having a grand time.



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3 thoughts on “Emily Williams, R.N.

  1. john on said:

    those book jackets are very inspiring ..

  2. Maureen on said:


  3. Jackie on said:

    Go for wilderness nurse!

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