Streets of Home

One positive thing about having Katie live with us is that we now have an artist in residence. Growing up, Katie was “the artistic triplet.” OK, she was also “the smart triplet,” “the athletic triplet,” and the “fastest-reader triplet.” It’s actually quite a bit unfair.

But we’re certainly not complaining. Whenever we have an idea for a craft, Katie happily obliges and executes it perfectly. (Plus, “real” art is not in the budget for the foreseeable future).

Katie made this “I love you” eye chart last year:

IMG_5002When we hung it to the left of the fireplace we needed something to balance out the right side.

So, Katie made a similar poster listing almost all of the streets we’ve lived on. Ever since college, we have moved at least once a year, and we’ve been charmed by each new place. Plus, each one has had a cute name. (Some people have disputed that a street name can be “cute,” but wouldn’t everyone much rather live on Orchard or Glenlake than on something like Wacker St.)?

IMG_5001She then highlighted our initials in color.

Now when you look across the mantel, it reads “I love you-Glenlake,” “I love you- 5th Avenue,” and “I love you-Lafayette.” A sweet little red house completes it.


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3 thoughts on “Streets of Home

  1. Mauree on said:

    And how fun that the last 3 letters of the street you grew up on are also the initials of your names.

  2. sihien on said:

    wait so how do i know who write each post if no one signs it at the end

  3. Haha well given that we talk about katie it’s gotta be one of the other two

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