The Rockaways

Last weekend was one of those weekends where on Wednesday we were still talking about how fun it was.

On Sunday, while Anna wrote an article for work all morning…


(fancy running into you on our way to the subway)

Katie and I wanted to check out the Bastille Day street fair in Boreum Hill. I, of course, had to wear my skirt covered with gardening French men that I got at a stoop sale last summer.


Perhaps we should’ve ventured over to the Bastille fesitival in Manhattan because the Brooklyn one was pretty low key. After we’d eaten a Macaroon, grilled corn and posed with the guillotine, we headed to the Rockaways.




trainThe best part about the very long train ride to The Rockaways is when the subway tracks cross over a bridge so narrow that you can just see water on both sides. Ahh, to be on a boat and a train simultaneously — every little boy’s dream.

The lines snaked onto the boardwalk, but the frozen yogurt and fries sure were tasty. photo-91

The only place where the cheapest housing is actually waterfront property.

Up on the boardwalk, Anna attempted to skate board, but she never got to the stage where movement is involved.
bikeGraffiti in The Rockaways.


For dinner we headed back to Brooklyn for mucho macho nachos at Union Hall and ended up learning how to play bocce. Anna is lacking in the athletic department, but always does surprisingly well at more obscure sports like beer pong and bocce.
photo-110 photo-95
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