Coney Island & The Brooklyn Cyclones

On Friday night, Mom had the brilliant idea of attending a Brooklyn Cyclones baseball game. It turns out that minor league games are even more fun than the major leagues — plus a whole lot cheaper.

The setting, just off the boardwalk on Coney Island, was perfectly atmospheric. It wasn’t too hot and crowded, and there were tons of diehard fans. The fellow in front of us, for example, attends every game, films segments of it, and penciled into a book every stat throughout the game.  He would also provide background on players and commentary, regardless of whether or not he had any kind of audience.

Friday had been a brutally hot day, so the first step was actually getting ourselves out of the house. This picture is called “waiting for Katie.” Ever since we were little, Katie has always been the last one to leave the house — we’ve spent many hours “waiting for Katie.” (But boy oh boy, does she look great!)IMG_5032Then it was a long F train ride down to Coney Island.IMG_5035 IMG_5036 IMG_5037 IMG_5039 IMG_5042 IMG_5043 IMG_5044 IMG_5046 IMG_5048 Before the game began, we dipped our toes in the Atlantic. IMG_5053 On days this hot, who has the energy to open their eyes for pictures?

So, the minor leagues are better than the majors because:IMG_50561. The FDNY bagpipes group opened up the game. IMG_5062IMG_5068

2. Everyone gets a garden gnome baseball player. (I tried to discretely leave mine in the gift shop on the way out, but Katie retrieved it, fearing it would look like a bomb. if ya see something, say something, new york!)


3. Kyle juggles, rides a unicycle and hula hoops (sometimes all at once) between innings.

IMG_50724. The mascot is Sandy the Seagull. And a man in a red suit walks among the crowd during the entire game hyping people up.

IMG_50745. At half-time (is that a thing in baseball?) they have kids play “dizzy bats,” because everyone loves watching a little kid get nauseated and sick.


7. Finally — though it may not be the most high-brow form of entertainment — watching hot dogs race each other is always the height of comedy.
IMG_5076 Anna finally arrived in the 6th inning, after a “busy” day at the office. We made her plead for her ticket from down below. Dance monkey! Dance! IMG_5078 IMG_5079photo(135)And despite a 2-1 loss, the Cyclones still put on a great fireworks show afterwards.



The greasy food, the sweaty, tattooed crowds, the plastic game prizes, steaming boardwalk, rickety rides and sweet little baseball team. We heart Coney Island.

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6 thoughts on “Coney Island & The Brooklyn Cyclones

  1. Carol Fulkerson on said:

    These are simply some of the funest pictures I’ve seen in quite a while!

  2. Mary Beth on said:

    Wow…Coney Island here I come. I also want to sit behind (or next to) the man with the stats and ongoing commentary at the Brooklyn Cyclones game.

  3. Thanks Carol! It was fun..

    Yes MB let’s go again! Katie has become quite the Cyclones fan.

  4. Ginger on said:

    And don’t forget the couple who got engaged that evening right in the Cyclones stadium!

  5. Uncle Tom on said:

    in the fisrrt picture is my sister waiting for the fireman to come out? In their shorts?

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