Mama Fed Us…

Mom sure knows how to feed her babies right. Her six-day visit was jam-packed with delicious outings and tasty treats.

photo-111photo(136) saladphoto(137)photo(143)photo(139)photo-112We of course had to pick the “FDNY Red” shaved ice.

bearIf honey tastes better in honey bear-shaped bottles, it makes sense that pastries are 100 times better in the form of a little bear.

indian2 Food also tastes best when each item gets its own little proper container. indinaThis dish may not be the prettiest thing to look at, but it was seriously delicious. Besides chickpeas, I don’t even know what was in it because the menu description read “Too hard to describe but recommended” and the waiter only said that it was vegetarian.


During the heat wave, these pretty tumblers made it easy to stay hydrated.

We finally made it to Applewood for brunch on Saturday. Applewood sits at the end of our block, so every day we walk past the charming yellow windows and wish we were inside with the happy people eating their biscuits, fried chicken and omelets.

IMG_5202 IMG_5203IMG_5095 IMG_5092Visits from mom allow for a boozy brunch.

On Sunday morning we were on a mission to taste the Boston Cream doughnut at Du Jour, which is a few avenues away in Park Slope and was voted one of the best doughnuts in the city recently by New York magazine. It lived up to the hype.

IMG_5137 IMG_5139 IMG_5145 IMG_5146We always feel a tad disloyal eating doughnuts that are not from The Doughnut Plant, which was three blocks from our old Lower East Side apartment. But this was the best Boston Cream we’ve ever had. Even though it was fried, covered in chocolate and overflowing with cream, somehow it didn’t taste unhealthy or leave you feeling gross.
IMG_5151 IMG_5152Considering we ended up having doughnuts from three different places on Sunday, salads for brunch isn’t quite as virtuous as it appears.
IMG_5153 And who could pass up salmon and cream cheese on a pretzel roll? IMG_5155 Mom (aka “Ginger”) in front of her favorite bar.

IMG_5156IMG_5157 We hadn’t planned for the day to turn into a doughnut tasting of New York magazine’s favorites, but it turned into just that. A few blocks from Du Jour Bakery we ran into the Carpe Donut food truck, best known for their apple cider doughnut. It was very good, but it was hard to appreciate a fresh hot doughnut under the beating sun. We’ll have to go back on a crisp autumn afternoon. IMG_5158

After brunch, we headed to the Brooklyn Flea in Williamsburg, which boasts many nyc food specialities. And when we got off the G train, we realized how close we were to Peter Pan Doughnuts. And eh, why not? We went for the third doughnut stop of the day.

Peter Pan Doughnuts is always a favorite. Located in the old Polish neighborhood of Greenpoint, the shop is the opposite of the new trendy bakeries (cronuts anyone?). Doughnuts and coffee go for a dollar, old men reading newspapers line the counters, and the workers wear matching green and pink-trimmed dresses. IMG_5174



At this point we started to get full, so even though there were so many tempting treats at Brooklyn Flea, we only had some cool drinks. IMG_5184
IMG_5190Mom took her lime lemonade into a homemade sprinkler.
Despite the drinks, we started to wilt in the heat.
Just imagine all the delicious food packed into these boroughs. So many more places to taste…
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5 thoughts on “Mama Fed Us…

  1. Thank God for Truman College’s photography classes .. the results are evident
    on this blog

  2. This sounds like my kind of day. Well played, doughnut lovers.

  3. Laura on said:

    I love this post! Food touring is my absolute favorite way to get acquainted with a city.

  4. Ann you were the original inspiration for going to Peter Pan’s doughnuts!

  5. Yay! Love being the inspiration…especially when it involves doughnuts!

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