Julian Cooks Us a Meal

Julian is one of the first friends we made at NYU. And together, we joined the NYU’s Master Chef competition on a whim during our freshman year. To our great surprise, we survived through two rounds and somehow made it onto the final, which was filmed and televised on NYUTV.  Though Anna cannot even turn on a food processor [see video below] and Emily had a few mishaps of her own during the show, Julian remained calm throughout. He led our team, “The Hungry Hearts,” onto victory!

As our bounty, we each won a food processor, a boxed set of cooking utensils, expensive looking cookbooks and, most importantly, endless glory. (During our four years at NYU, every once in a while someone would actually say “Hey, haven’t I seen you on NYUTV?” Ah, our 15 minutes of fame…)

Our junior year, when we used to live in the same dorm as Julian, we were also treated to more delicious meals. He’d pick a few vegetables, bring over his massive assorted spices kit, and cook us amazing dinners out of nowhere.

Though he now lives a 40-minute train ride away, on Sunday night Julian made the trek out here to cook. He baked a crust, filled up his cast iron pan with a tomato tarte tatin, and lugged it on the steamy subway to Brooklyn. And for that we were very grateful.

Our only task was to fix a salad. So, we headed to the 5th Ave. Farmers’ Market:


IMG_5168 IMG_5206We are not yet at the owning-a-salad-spinner stage of life. IMG_5208Anytime Julian is involved, there will always be delicious cheeses spread out as an appetizer. Thank goodness he’s no longer vegan.IMG_5209 Rather than have a triplet sit on another’s lap, we had to pull the table up to the couch to make up for our chair shortage. Now we have a booth!
IMG_5210Elbows off the table??

IMG_5215IMG_5216The crust was phenomenal. As it should be, given that Julian listed the main ingredients as “flour, butter, more butter, and beer.” IMG_5211This is obviously Katie’s plate: a little tube of chapstick and Kindle always at hand.

IMG_5213IMG_5220Don’t leave, Julian! Stay with us–you can be top-chef-in-residence. And we’ll do all the dishes.

You can view the old Master Chef video here:

Master Chef: NYU from christopher haroff on Vimeo.

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One thought on “Julian Cooks Us a Meal

  1. looks so delicious.

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