Poetry and Water Towers and the GI System

The quest to fill up the empty walls of our apartment continues.

Brushing your teeth becomes quite tedious, doesn’t it? It can be so boring standing there for a minute or so, two to three times a day (no we don’t have ADHD). Throughout the years in Chicago we have combated the boredom by taping comics, newspaper clippings, and little pictures to the bathroom mirror. And sometimes you get so caught up in an article that you end up brushing longer than usual. None of us have ever had a cavity; I’d say the proof is in the pudding.

Therefore, when deciding how to adorn the Brooklyn bathroom wall, we knew it had to provide entertainment. So, we narrowed down a list of our favorite poems, printed them out in typewriter font and put them in assorted cheap, black IKEA frames. 

To give it a bit of color, Katie drew a picture of the Manhattan skyline with a Brooklyn water tower featured prominently in green. Though difficult to see from the picture, the graffiti tagged onto it reads “I heart NYC.” 

IMG_5247 The Outsiders, anyone? IMG_5249 Yes, we took some liberties with the poem and cut out the first section. IMG_5258 IMG_5224



Again, in the kitchen above the sink, we wanted the art to serve a dual purpose. In this case, we wanted it to be educational. I clipped a diagram of the digestive system (it hangs in the kitchen after all) from a nursing anatomy book.  Now, Emily whoever washes dishes can be enlightened about the location of the duodenum in relation to the jejunum or be reminded of the substantive size of the liver. The GI system sure is wonderful!


Next, we framed an old postcard we picked up at a book store in DUMBO. We thought it was quite cute and it kept with the kitchen theme (“Hungry”).

Yes, we soon realized that our “Boy Hungry” postcard juxtaposed next to a diagram of the male body looks a bit cannibalistic –or at the very least, inappropriate. But, truly, it’s really just Emily trying up brush up on her anatomy skills for nursing!IMG_5235 IMG_5233

Main image via the print version of this NYT piece
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3 thoughts on “Poetry and Water Towers and the GI System

  1. Jackie on said:

    Little KT should sell her prints on etsy. 🙂 does she do a SF skyline?

  2. Well I think we know what Jackie’s getting for Christmas…

  3. Laura on said:

    Brilliant bathroom/kitchen art ideas, ladies. The marvelous GI system is, indeed, worth pondering while one is dish washing. I’m inspired!

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