Weekend in Cape Cod

“Headed to the Cape…as one does,” Katie snootily wrote on Facebook, as our express Amtrak zoomed up the East Coast.

Because when one is, in fact, “headed to the Cape” doesn’t it suddenly seem compulsory to adopt a blue-blood manner of speaking?

Of course, in truth, we’d never actually been to the Cape. And when inquiring coworkers and friends asked what town it was we were going to (as they held up their elbows in that Cape-Cod-like shape), we actually had no idea.

We were going because our Aunt Mary Beth has a friend with a house on the Cape. And we’re always up for a trip — even if we don’t know where exactly we’re headed.


Our Aunt Maureen joined us in New York at Penn Station. We ventured north by train because, as a suited gentleman we once met on The City of New Orleans line said: “Trains are the only dignified mode of travel.”train

We’d have to agree. Plenty of leg room, a dining car, and rainbows–what more could one ask for?
IMG_5269We packed our first day in the Cape full of outings…IMG_5281 IMG_5296We began with banana pudding waffles at Ruggies. IMG_5297 IMG_5309 Naturally, we took a post-breakfast stroll through the local cemetery.

IMG_5370We then hopped into the car to explore the Cape and stopped at the adorable Brewster’s general store. IMG_5335
IMG_5348Now that I think about it, we have always needed a strawberry-shaped tea pot.
Further into our drive, an outdoor art fair caught our attention — so we stopped for some browsing and lemonade. Next up: the Edward Gorey Museum, which is located in his former house. IMG_5458IMG_5439 Through we didn’t know who he was by name at first, we immediately recognized his illustrations once inside the museum.
The picture above (“E is for Ernest who choked on a peach”) is from a series of cautionary tales for children. The children must be informed!
IMG_5441IMG_5455Throughout the house were creepy touches–such as dolls falling down stairs and crushed under rugs.
IMG_5452But there was also a giant friendly teddy bear!

Down the street, we stopped in an old bookstore — where the smell of aging books made our Aunt a bit queasy.


IMG_5473Though not an obvious tourist destination, we also visited the Community of Jesus. Was it a cult? How do they have so much money? We’re still a bit confused, but they do have some dang good jams and granola in their gift shop.

We were wary when the very enthusiastic man at the gift shop then wanted to give us a tour of the church; we didn’t want to spend too much of the beautiful day indoors. However, the art really was pretty and unique. We’ve been to a fair number of churches throughout Europe and the US, but this was the first time we saw one with a unicorn and dinosaur.

IMG_5407 IMG_5396 IMG_5399 IMG_5414
After covering the museums and churches, we lunched on ice cream.
IMG_5478 IMG_5480
And, because we took way too many photos — and it was a weekend full of activities — this is only part one of a two-part Cape Cod post. Second part, coming right up! (Beaches! Flowers! Lobster Rolls! And more!)


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4 thoughts on “Weekend in Cape Cod

  1. Maureen on said:

    What a wonderful weekend respite – but the company was the best part.

  2. “Now that I think about it, we have always needed a strawberry-shaped tea pot.” hahaha. That’s great. Lovely post!

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  4. Laura on said:

    Sweet treats, old books, teapots, cemeteries… sounds like a perfect morning on the Cape!

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