Weekend in Cape Cod (Part Two)


When it comes to the ocean, there’s always that whole shark issue — we never should have been allowed to see Jaws. But we braved the waters and dipped our toes in the (surprisingly warm) water.   IMG_5487 IMG_5495 IMG_5508 IMG_5515 IMG_5538 IMG_5539 IMG_5578 IMG_5579IMG_5581 IMG_5586

After an afternoon at the beach, we headed to dinner. There turned out to be an hour long wait. In NYC, you spend that hour on the garbage-filled, gum-pocked sidewalk, but here we quickly whittled away the hour going on a stroll and taking in the views of the marsh. Then we dinned on lobster rolls, stuffed shrimp and salmon to top a lovely day in the Cape.
IMG_5612IMG_5616 IMG_5617 IMG_5626 IMG_5639 IMG_5642On Sunday, we had to rush to catch the train home, but we managed to stop by Plymouth, MA. I hate to sound unpatriotic, but the Plymouth rock is just that–a rock. Housing the rock is a large structure with grand pillars. Tourists crowd around to peer down at the (rather tiny) rock. It’s a tad anticlimactic, but fun in the absurditiy of it all. Usually there’s a large model of the Mayflower docked on the pier, but sadly it was under construction during our visit. So, we played catch with some fallen apples and then dashed to the train.
IMG_5653 IMG_5660 IMG_5664 IMG_5667 IMG_5670

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3 thoughts on “Weekend in Cape Cod (Part Two)

  1. Carol Fulkerson on said:

    Looks like megafun. That 7th picture of the 3 of you out on the rocks is fabulous, esp. when I make it big! Go trips!

  2. thanks! we’re going to start a band just so we can use that pic as our album cover haha

  3. you actually played catch. I find that hard to believe.

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