it’s all in the details.

It’s two blocks from the subway, spacious, in a safe neighborhood and decently priced. But it wasn’t these practical factors that sold us on our Brooklyn apartment.

It was the charming details that had us scurrying to fill out the application and turn in the deposit. After a weary month of pouring over Craigslist and tramping around Brooklyn and the Lower East Side—rejecting more than ten apartments—we were smitten by the cuteness of our Park Slope place: the green banister, the wrought iron gate, the pressed-tin ceiling and tulips engraved in the window frame. It was the stained glass light fixture in the bathroom, the laundry line strung outside the window and sounds from the backyard pond drifting faintly into the bedroom that made us certain we had found our new home.

We finally have a couch, table, chairs and beds, so now we’re looking forward to spending the next year(s) filling the house with more cute details.


How could we refuse an apartment with flowers carved into the woodwork? IMG_4996We’ve always wanted a tin ceiling. Ours is painted over, but it’s still pretty sweet.

IMG_4997There’s nothing more charming than laundry hung up to dry outside. So we were delighted to discover the laundry line outside our kitchen window.

And the view out the window, peering into the other apartments and backyards, is highly reminiscent of that in Rear Window—minus the murderous husband, of course.


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3 thoughts on “it’s all in the details.

  1. Carol Fulkerson on said:

    The place you ladies got is a real charmer! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh goodness your apartment is a looker for sure! Lots of character!
    Exactly how I feel about mine too. 🙂

    xo Lisa
    Making Life’s Lemons

  3. Thanks guys! Yep, we’re loving it so far (minus the occasional mouse)

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