Papa Pays a Visit

This past weekend, we were oh-so-lucky to have quite a few visitors in town. Our very own papa (that’ll be John Tarleton Williams to the rest of ya) stayed with us here in Park Slope from Thursday through Sunday.

At the same time, our Aunt Susan, from San Francisco, and dad’s cousin, Sheila, were also in for a visit, as well as our Aunt Maureen, who’s often here on business.

So, all in all, this meant lots of good eating, lots of treats, and lots of walking around New York City. Yay!


Here’s the ol’ chap himself! The trip got off to a rough start when we had to spend time chastising pa for making the silly decision to shave his beard. I guess he desired the mustache look for Brooklyn.IMG_5712

Each day consisted of a very similar pattern: walk, eat, walk, eat, nap (for dad), walk and eat some more. We covered the West Village, Williamsburg, Brooklyn Heights, Carroll Gardens, the Lower East Side and Greenwich Village. IMG_5721
Colson Patisserie, Park SlopeIMG_5722 IMG_5724

Most likely, lecturing Katie.IMG_5727 IMG_5729 IMG_5734

Katie loves us.IMG_5736

Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Foundation, Carroll GardensIMG_5744

IMG_5747 IMG_5748 IMG_5749

Someone stole our idea. I swear we did this first!IMG_5751After first seeing this original 1920’s pharmacy in Vogue, we had to visit for ourselves.IMG_5761

Wandering in historic and lovely Cobble Hill, Brooklyn.IMG_5766

Oh, Papa, won’t you buy us this house?IMG_5769

Brooklyn Promenade IMG_5771 IMG_5774

Some poor little Brooklyn baby lost their rainbow balloons. IMG_5777

Hi, Manhattan.IMG_5782 IMG_5783 IMG_5788

On to DUMBO.IMG_5793 IMG_5797

The man’s only been here for a weekend, and they’re already naming streets after him!IMG_5802 IMG_5808

(they are texting each other.) IMG_5812

Sampling homemade pastas and cheeses at the Italian deli on our block.

Next page, please!

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3 thoughts on “Papa Pays a Visit

  1. totally marvelous tour of nooks and crannies of NYC!

  2. Laura J. on said:

    Playing catch out front, stooping with the Sunday New York Times, and brunching sounds like Sunday perfection. I want to book a Trips-hosted weekend in NYC!

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