Maine, Part II

We spent our first full day relatively close to Stonington, strolling through town, conquering a short nature walk, and taking many food breaks. However, the first task of the morning was to count the seagulls and boats out the window. IMG_5890 IMG_5894 During our morning walk, Lochy admired the buoys that lobstermen use to identify their traps. IMG_5903 IMG_5914 IMG_5915IMG_5912 IMG_5919 IMG_5928 While we were exploring the town, dad had to take a conference call. He does his very best work in slippers. IMG_5931For lunch, we ate sandwiches and chips out of the trunk of the car. Dad takes his blueberry consumption very seriously—and expounded on the virtues of antioxidants. Plus, mini Maine blueberries are just so, so cute.

IMG_5934 IMG_5938 Our post-lunch hike was through a moss-covered forest.

IMG_5948Pa and I, in my Ronald McDonald outfit, rested by the sea.

IMG_5954 For second dessert we had ice cream in a small town nearby. It turns out Maine has delicious ice cream so we had a cone a day. IMG_5956Down the street we visited the high school where Uncle Tom used to teach. 

It’s now a coffeeshop.IMG_5963 Afterwards, we stopped by the house where Uncle Tom, Aunt Susan and babies lived. IMG_5977 IMG_5978 IMG_5990 IMG_5987 IMG_5996 We coaxed the boys away from playing in the water, by taking them to “the volcano.” It really was an old volcano, but much to their dissapointment there was no lava. We climbed to the top and admired the views. (Jude and Lochy are missing their pants as they got soaked while playing in the water.)IMG_5999 IMG_6001


Climbing down the volcano turned out to be much more scary. Thankfully, no one got injured, but as we were making our descent we looked down at Mom, baby, and Uncle Tom who had stayed behind. The whole time they had been shouting up warnings about not falling. Next time I looked down Mom was lying on the ground! We had a slight moment of panic and started racing down the volcano—which of course, could’ve had an awful domino effect if one of us had tripped. Turned out she was talking to Uncle Tom and walked backwards falling over a rock.
She was left with just a scratch, but for the rest of the trip we stayed away from volcanos and only walked forwards.
Don’t worry, kids, more Maine post are in the works…
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One thought on “Maine, Part II

  1. Mary Beth on said:

    The silhouette of Mike, Molly, Jude and Lochy at top of the volcano is amazing photo! Not to be topped by JT on conference call with slippers and trademark tee shirt of course!

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