Maine, Part III

No trip to Maine is complete without a visit to Acadia National Park and a lobster boat tour. So that is exactly what we did, and it was marvelous.
IMG_6003IMG_6007 IMG_6014 I know it looks like we’re always leading the boys off into dangerous situations—up volcanos, over cliffs into treacherous water—but I assure you they were quite safe. IMG_6018

IMG_6022Next we stumbled upon the infamous mini stonehenge of Maine. IMG_6034We took in the views on Cadillac Mountain, which is the highest point on the North Atlantic seaboard. Not too shabby. IMG_6028 IMG_6040 In Bar Harbor we stopped for treats. IMG_6042 Dad smiling like a lobster. IMG_6047 IMG_6053

I can’t stop taking pictures of Lochy because when I tell him to “Smile!” this is the face he makes. IMG_6058

IMG_6062 The next morning we walked into town and had breakfast at a restaurant where my Uncle, the doctor for this small town, used to see patients. To be clear, he didn’t examine patients at restaurants, his office was later converted into this charming breakfast spot.

IMG_6064 IMG_6067 IMG_6075 We stopped in a bookshop on the way home to check out all the Maine classics. IMG_6076 IMG_6082IMG_6080 IMG_6091Above, Mike checks out the boats in our backyard. We then did some humanitarian work and deposited this crab, whose legs had been plucked out by a bird, back into the sea. Supposedly lobsters can re-grow a missing claw within a years, so perhaps, there’s hope for this guy too.
IMG_6095 IMG_6104 Here is the trusty boat that took us on our lobster tour. Being out on the water is the best way to see Maine. IMG_6114

They caught a lobster!IMG_6124 OK, I cannot be misleading. Mike did not in fact pull this fellow straight out of the sea, rubberbanned and all. Our lobsterman tour guide did all the dirty work. IMG_6126IMG_6121IMG_6129 IMG_6136 This lighthouse of Stonington was once run by a single woman, who never ran into any trouble with the sailors, but always kept a loaded pistol on hand. IMG_6138 Stonington from the boat. IMG_6139

And there’s one last Maine post on the way…
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3 thoughts on “Maine, Part III

  1. Mary Beth on said:

    Cannot wait for the next post……then I am getting into my car and heading north to see what you saw during this past week! Great travelogue.

  2. Love these! We haven’t been up to Maine since before having Elisa. Maybe it’s time to go back! Have to do a boat ride next time. Looks like you had a well rounded trip!

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