The Way Life Should Be

IMG_5906Someday I want to live in a mint-green house by the sea. (Hopefully mine will be on a foundation that inspires a bit more confidence.)IMG_6088 I shall have a red boat.IMG_6157 And I will spend many contemplative hours looking out onto the horizon.

IMG_6103After which, I will fill my belly with lobster rolls (only the chips and roll portion, mind you—someone else can have the lobster). IMG_6100Finally, I’ll cap off each day with a Maine blueberry ice cream cone.

And that brings to an end my retirement plan—presented in the form of a children’s book. 
But until then, I’m very happy to simply vacation in Maine.

When I was packing up to leave New York City I was already anxious to return. What would I be missing out on? Would Anna run into Jake Gyllenhaal again without me? Would they eat tons of delicious dumplings and donuts? Would a spontaneous dance party erupt down Fifth Ave? New York becomes addicting after awhile and it’s difficult to tear yourself away.

But once I was in Maine, I was in no rush to return to New York City.

It’s quite nice to just sit on a deck and watch boats drift along. And walk down streets so empty you have to say “Hello, good morning!” to each passerby. And it’s lovely to breath fresh, saltwater air and eat ice cream cones everyday (I’m pretty sure Maine locals do that).

Until next time, Maine. Of course, I must return because I don’t know what Maine looks like in the fall. Or the spring. Or the winter.

IMG_6145 IMG_6167 IMG_6169 IMG_6102IMG_6079 IMG_6072

IMG_5907IMG_6165 IMG_5926Ta-ta, little green house.
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2 thoughts on “The Way Life Should Be

  1. You convinced me Emily. I think I too want a little mint green house by the water so that I can sit and contemplate the sea for hours. It looks like it was a great trip!

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