Magnolia Bakery and the West Village

The triplets are living the New York City dream. In other words, our kitchen is perpetually stocked with Magnolia Bakery cupcakes. And peanut butter cookies. And banana pudding.

….The reason being that Little Katie has been working at Magnolia Bakery for a few weeks now. She is at the original location on Bleecker St. in the charming West Village.

IMG_6229 IMG_6231 It’s just around the corner from Carrie Bradshaw’s “house,” whose steps have been roped off to deter all-too-giddy Sex and the City fans. IMG_6234 And it’s across the street from a quintessential New York City scene: A little boutique, a tourist, a hot dog truck, and garbage. IMG_6227 It’s a lovely walk to work. IMG_6239 Everyone can’t wear Carrie Bradshaw’s shoes, but everyone can taste the cupcakes she ate. So in flock the tourists in such numbers that a cupcake bouncer is required to man the door and keep the queue in line. IMG_6240IMG_6247 IMG_6255 IMG_6249 IMG_6258 IMG_6236 IMG_6253 Here she is restocking coconut cupcakes…and letting not a single strand escape from the trusty hair net. IMG_6256 With one friend at Billy’s Bakery in Chelsea and one at Magnolia’s, life can’t get any sweeter. Ah, it’s nice to have connections in NYC!IMG_6267 In other news, NYU classes have started up again and we want to join them. Sure, we can walk around campus all we please, but it’s just not the same. Give us lecture halls, and events with free food, and hours in the library. Grad school anyone? Just kidding.

IMG_6259 IMG_6260 IMG_6264

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7 thoughts on “Magnolia Bakery and the West Village

  1. If I ever take a break from my career I want to work at Magnolia Bakery too!
    Just love the photos of the West Village. No photo of Big though??

  2. Mary Beth on said:

    Loving this sweet tale of life in NYC; especially photos of LK tending the cupcakes in that beautiful blouse….so New York!

  3. Well her bakery location is known as the one for celebrities so hopefully Mr. Big will stop in soon!
    Yes, how could anyone not buy a cupcake from cute little K?

  4. Nice to see The Newman Center in your last photo 🙂

  5. omg that place is so cute. haha lil kate with her new hair buns

  6. Ha the bun is a game changer for lil kt.

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