Odds and Ends From the Past Few Weeks

Here are some bits and pieces from the last few weeks (in no particular order, with no particular theme, to be sure):

IMG_5672 We love factory tours (partly, because there’s always the slim hope that an oompa loompa will appear from behind the machinery), so we finally made it to Brooklyn Brewery in Williamsburg. IMG_5678There were no oompa loompas, but plenty of hipsters. Of course, even the safety signs have a hipster flair. IMG_5682 IMG_5683

Bedford Street in Williamsburg.
IMG_6182 Purple seashells collected on the beach in Maine…IMG_6175How to eat cheaply: Buy a big loaf of bread to fill up on—then splurge on cheese. Add beet dip, hummus and tomatoes, and it’s a real-life adult meal.

photo-164 The firehouse where Ghostbusters was filmed, with the 9/11 memorial lights in the background.photo-165 Reading in a sunny West Village cafe. photo-166 photo-167 Popping in to Magnolia Bakery to visit Katie and get the free smushed cupcakes. photo-168 Picture from the bus leaving Maine—mama and papa looking properly forlorn before waving dramatically goodbye. photo-169Finding childhood favorites at the NYC public library while babysitting. Unfortunately, the boy was more interested in Star Wars books than this cheery series about Swedish triplets.

bridgeThis is how NYC kids do lemonade stands—on the Williamsburg Bridge. They asked if I wanted to buy a cup. I apologetically said, “No, but can I take your picture?” They excitedly agreed.

photo (25)

Enjoying the last days of summer in Prospect Park.photo (24)

Another lovely dinner with Aunt Maureen in the Lower East Side…photo (23)

…And in Battery Park.

{Fun fact: When we arrived at this restaurant, we realized we had actually been here 13 years ago on our first trip to NYC with our Uncle John.]
photo (22)

Finding my new favorite cheeseburger in NYC, at The Cardinal in the East Village.
photo (21)

Stocking up on Pendletons for the winter at a thrift store in Park Slope.

photo (19)The best part of the weekend—Anna’s weekly trip to 7th Ave Donuts & Diner for $1 coffee and fresh donuts.

Top image: Just one of the amazing buildings we’d admire on the walk to school back in our NYU days. 

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2 thoughts on “Odds and Ends From the Past Few Weeks

  1. Mary Beth on said:

    Is the $78 price tag correct on each of LK’s 3 cakes? Curious what the 3 boys (budding businessman) on Williamsburg Bridge charge for Lemonade?

  2. I believe the price is for the cake stand, not the actual cake.
    I didn’t even ask about the lemonade.. they were so excited, I really should’ve just bought some.

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