Babies’ Day Out: A Sunday in Central Park

The first bit of news is that the couple on the first floor of our apartment had a baby. As we’re trying to bring back the greet-the-new-family-on-the-block-with-apple-pie mentality, Katie decorated two Magnolia cupcakes and greeted our newest, tiniest neighbor.

IMG_6272The thing is, the neighbors can’t differentiate between us (not that I blame them) so every time one of us runs into them they exclaim “Did you meet the baby yet? Thanks so much for the cupcakes! You gotta meet the baby!” Therefore, I’ve oo-ed and ahh-ed over the baby three times pretending is was the first time. My enthusiasm is diminishing. IMG_6275Now back to the first fall-like Sunday, which we spent exploring Central Park.

First, we stopped by Molly’s market to pick up the boys—and a few morning treats, of course. IMG_6277IMG_6285On the subway Jude regaled us with facts about Volcanos—a reoccurring topic of conversation throughout the day. IMG_6287Once in the park we climbed just about every volcano…er, every giant rock.

Then Anna attempted to reenact the scene from The Lion King where Simba is lifted over his dad’s head at the edge of a cliff and shown to the animals below. Unfortunately, upper body strength is required for this feat, so Anna was unsuccessful. And Lochlan was just confused.
IMG_6302IMG_6304IMG_6311 We stopped to play for a bit, and then hit up the carousel—which was free for the day thanks to the Radio City Rockettes Christmas Spectacular. IMG_6325 It’s always a little disappointing when the kid picks the one horse that doesn’t move. IMG_6329IMG_6346But there was a never-ending supply of rocks to slide down…IMG_6349 And games of hide-and-seek…
img_6356IMG_6363And mad dashes under the umbrella when the volcano spurted its molten ash into the air.
IMG_6370Then we did some New York City struttin’.
IMG_6384 And looked for geese and sea monsters…
…while eating a snack.

And on the subway ride home the boys promptly fell asleep.

Anna, looking like a celebrity caught holding her baby awkwardly by the paparazzi, struggled to hold on to Lochlan.

It must be particularly hard for a person under 4ft here: As we tried to squeeze our way down Fifth Ave poor Lochlan kept getting bopped on the head by quite a few purses on the arms of  hurried New Yorkers.

And poor sleepy Jude looked a bit homeless. (I guess I should’ve set a little coffee cup at his feet…)

Ah, the life of a New York City baby!

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11 thoughts on “Babies’ Day Out: A Sunday in Central Park

  1. Oh, dear….a baby bottle?! Where did I go wrong? Breast is best!

  2. Who’s that Central Park lumberjack holding the umbrella?

  3. I was trying to describe this blog to somebody the other day and the person asked me what did I mean there are photos of really good quality on the blog ….he asked is it Instagram? Or Tumblir? Please elucidate.

  4. Ha it’s neither of those. It’s wordpress… just a personal blog.

  5. hahahahah this has been my favorite post, i laughed like 8 times reading it, but my favorite was in the beginning when you said you had to pretend to see the baby for the first time 3 times hahaha

  6. Love seeing you and the boys….need a real life play date!!

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