Lola Love

And then there were four…

When we first arrived in the NYU dorms and giant black “water bugs” (AKA cockroaches) began ascending from the bathroom drain we thought, perhaps New York City had been a mistake.

Thankfully they did not defeat us and we have gotten used to the minor squeamish realities of New York City: Cockroaches skittering across dark sidewalks, rats scampering from behind garbage piles and the looming fear of bedbugs.

But then NYC ventured inside our dear apartment in the form of a mouse family and we were not so accepting. In reality, I did not terribly mind the occasional tiny mouse darting under the stove (though Katie wasn’t as happy when one ventured under her bed), but Anna was not so welcoming. Eventually she refused to enter the kitchen without giant rain boots just in case a mouse was out.

All summer we’ve been searching for a cat to be our warrior princess, and last week we finally found Lola. We got her from a posh little shelter in SOHO, and she has taken kindly to her new Park Slope home.

For her welcome home party we will play “Lola” by The Kinks and serve tuna fish sandwiches and play pin the tail on the cat.

Meanwhile, Anna and Katie are thrilled to have someone to take “selfies” with and photoshop baby bonnets on.

lola2 lola3

lola4 lola5 lola6


Anna hates this picture because she looks like a new mom in her post-partum hospital bed, sleepy and wearing no makeup, just staring lovingly at her new baby.

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7 thoughts on “Lola Love

  1. Susan Williams on said:

    Oh your Warrior Princess is so so adorable and you are such good parents! Lola needs a tougher look though if she is going to ward off NYC mice. I don’t think the baby bonnet is going to scare off any self respecting NYC mouse family.

  2. What a lucky orphan kitty to find such a home! She looks like a fat, furry snugglemuffin, if not a warrior princess; however, the fattest, snuggliest cats are often the quickest, most cunning of them all. I think Lola will indeed rise to the occasion and defeat the evil mouse army of Park Slope.

  3. haha yes she is a little chubby, but she has to be warm and cozy for winter.
    There haven’t been any mouse sightings ever since we got her so she has a perfect track record so far!

  4. Gracie would like to be Facebook friends with Lola! She’s so adorable.

  5. Carol Fulkerson on said:

    Your mama raised you well if you know Lola by The Kinks and got such a beautiful Lola to like with you.

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