San Francisco, Take Two

On Monday I set out to explore the city on my own because, as it turns out, even in the casual, laid-back paradise of San Francisco, people have to go to work.

Given my love of bridge walking, the Golden Gate Bridge was the obvious destination. The fog was so thick I was worried I wouldn’t have the best views, or even be able to look up and admire the red cables, but thankfully it cleared up in no time.

My thumb is not obscuring the lens—it’s that pesky fog.

IMG_6675 First, I got a little education on the bridge’s history. And I became awfully grateful that I do not work under water in a creepy suit.                                                       (Side note: the real world starts for me next week when I begin orientation as a pediatric nurse. I’ll then stop flitting around the country and flopping around the boroughs. Well, I won’t stop, but I’ll cut back).

IMG_6678IMG_6682IMG_6690I was surprised at how low the railing was, allowing unobstructed views of Alcatraz and San Francisco in the distance.
IMG_6691 Loving the art deco…IMG_6694IMG_6712Even the boats kept with the color scheme. 
IMG_6704 After a thirty-minute brisk walk I made it to the other side and joined the groups of tourists clustered around telescopes at a look-out point. IMG_6709 There wasn’t much else on the other side besides a bathroom and this charming sailor. Alas, he wasn’t a very chatty fellow. So I marched on back to SF.

IMG_6715 With a bit of exercise under my belt, I headed to the Hayes Valley neighborhood for some Smitten ice cream. On the walk over I day dreamed about living in a beautiful San Francisco home and reading in the window seat.
IMG_6719 At Smitten there are no waiting tubs of Blue Moon, Mint Chocolate Chip or Bubblegum ice cream. Instead you place your order and they mix up your ingredients right in front of you using liquid nitrogen to freeze it almost instantaneously. As an added bonus the process looks like a mad scientist project (and how fitting for the fog of San Fran). IMG_6721 IMG_6722 I chose salted caramel and enjoyed my tasty treat while watching the guys make more batches. IMG_6724

On Tuesday I left the house when it was still pitch black; the heavy fog made for quite the spooky walk to the train. Like a real San Francisco native I joined the commuters at the Ferry Building and crossed the bay to Marin County. I spent the day at work with my Aunt Susan, an occupational therapist, who was teaching a high school class for kids with special needs. Meeting the kids and seeing Susan at work was truly a highlight of the trip. 
IMG_67327 a.m. at the Ferry Building. IMG_6735Finally, I don’t understand why the song goes, “For those who come to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.” Because there are flowers everywhere. No need to bring your own. Their cup runneth over.

IMG_6661 IMG_6662 IMG_6668 IMG_6669IMG_6718

And one last San Fran post to come…
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3 thoughts on “San Francisco, Take Two

  1. I need to make it to San Francisco some day!

    xo Lisa | Making Life’s Lemons

  2. Such a gorgeous city! I’ve only been once and got totally spooked by the masses of aggressive homeless but I really want to go back. And maybe stay away from downtown hostels…

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