A Queens Halloween

New York City kids do Halloween a little differently. In Queens, at least, ghosts and pumpkins race from the corner bodega to the Dunkin Donuts to the laundromat for their treat. At first it felt a bit strange, and at some stores it wasn’t really clear if they were participating in the festivities or not. Some would have a designated employee in the corner with a box of candies, but others would hide the candy behind the counter. I’d walk in with my Peter Pan and ghost and smile—but then got tongue-tied. What could I say? “Are you handing out free candy today?” “Give us candy?” Thankfully, after a slightly awkward second they’d whip out the candy and deposit a piece into the boys’ pumpkins.

After running around with the children of Queens and seeing all the costume competition, my biased opinion is that Jude, Lochy, and Dash had the cutest of the lot. When I walked into the living room to find this little mouse staring up at me I didn’t know what to do at first. Take hundreds of pictures? Pick him up and squeeze him? Take selfie pictures with him as he waved to his reflection in the mirror? I managed to do them all in good time.

IMG_6915 IMG_6918 IMG_6917 IMG_6919 IMG_6925 IMG_6928 I do not believe you could find a more perfect Peter Pan. Honestly, they should do a re-make of the movie just so he can be the star.  IMG_6936 IMG_6938 IMG_6941 IMG_6940 IMG_6943Jude and Lochy’s excitement was quite contagious. After each piece of candy (even the nasty hard candies), they’d run back to “Auntie Ginger” and say, “Look, I got another one!!” Jude proclaimed “This is a happy day” while Lochy kept confirming “I love candy.” Yes, indeed. It was a happy day and I’m pretty fond of candy myself. IMG_6932

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