MB visits BK

Aunt Mary Beth knows a thing or two about the playing-hard-to-get game.

A few weeks ago Anna had e-mailed her and invited her to Brooklyn. When there was no response we decided to over-analyze it. Had we done something wrong? Had she discovered some long-lost cooler triplet nieces in Boston?

We played it cool and re-invited her, listing all the merits of a visit to Brooklyn. We have a new pillow! We own a couch! We even have a spare towel! (Our Lower East Side apartment did not allow for the luxury of storage space for a third towel—meaning we had a BYOT rule for guests).

And guess what? She said yes!

IMG_7010It was the perfect visit. Seeing that MB has seen most of the NYC sites, we didn’t spend the afternoon standing in line for Top of the Rock or posing with Elmo in Times Square. Instead we walked, talked, and ate. And then did it again the next day.
IMG_7014 On Saturday, we walked through the West Village to drop Katie off at work and enjoy free banana pudding at Magnolia’s. Katie has the pleasure of seeing these puppies and rabbits in the pet shop window on her way to work. IMG_7017 Other local attractions in the West included this artist. I oh-so-sneakily pretended to take a picture of MB and Anna while zooming in on this guy. IMG_7019 After Katie apron-ed up she brought out the prized banana pudding and we became the envy of the line of cold people snaking outside Magnolia’s door. IMG_7020 IMG_7022 After dessert, we decided to have “first dinner” in the West Village at Cafe Cluny. IMG_7028Seeing that it was only first dinner, we ordered little dishes. A salad for MB, squash and lobster soup for Anna and a grapefruit for me. O.K., half a grapefruit. And yes, this choice can seem quite irksome. Who goes out to eat and orders half a piece of fruit? The rationale is that it was grapefruit brulee, meaning it was covered in a delicious hard sugary coating. I do not have a mini torch at home so it fulfilled the golden rule of “do not order that which you can easily make at home.” Furthermore, I really didn’t want to spoil my appetite for second dinner.

Now, it may seem perplexing to eat at 4 p.m. if you’re planning on going out for dinner. The reason for first dinner was that we’ve always wanted to go to Cafe Cluny and on a cold afternoon the cozy, warm atmosphere of the French restaurant was very enticing. You could also say we went to see and be seen.
First dinner was more about the conversation and experience and waiters in red stripped shirts and cushioned booths. And, actually, I don’t think I will ever again enjoy half a grapefruit so much.

IMG_7030(Second dinner was yummy take out Thai food. You can have it all!)


Sadly, we did not break up Sunday breakfast into two meals.  IMG_7042

(It was still delicious anyway.)
IMG_7044Before MB got on the train for Boston, we took obligatory stoop photos. If you print them out and staple them together you have yourself a flip book! Thumb real fast through them and watch them shuffle around!
IMG_7049 IMG_7050 IMG_7051 IMG_7052Thanks for the lovely visit, MB!

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2 thoughts on “MB visits BK

  1. I LOVE that you gals had two dinners. If I had my way, I’d eat dinner at two different restaurants on a regular basis orrrr I would eat every app on the menu for dinner.

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