Thanksgiving in Astoria, Queens


The tradition has been broken. For four years we would build up a proper Thanksgiving appetite by walking from lower Manhattan and across the Queensboro bridge to Astoria, Queens. This year, after watching a certain triplet change her outfit for more than an hour, we had to hop on the subway if we were going to make it while the turkey was still hot.

But don’t worry: Even without the three-hour walk, we still managed to eat as much as (if not more than) last year.

Molly’s apartment—with its pastel walls, overstuffed couches, roses, lace, polka dots and chubby babies—is the coziest place in New York City and the perfect setting to spend the day sitting around eating.

IMG_7053Back in Brooklyn, Katie had added some glittery fall pumpkins to our mantle…IMG_7063 Not to be outdone, Jude and Lochy decorated these little turkeys to greet visitors.

IMG_7084Erick took it to a whole ‘notha level with his masterpiece “Turkeys in the Sky with Diamonds.” It covered the TV throughout dinner and we teased the boys that the turkeys would be permanent. No more Thomas the Tank Engine and Dora the Explorer…it’s all turkeys from here on out.

(But hey, that’s still an upgrade from when we were little and would ask mom if we could watch TV. She’d say that because TV rots your brain we could stare at the blank screen and imagine a show instead. )IMG_7064 This is the moment in which Anna discovered that brussel sprouts do not grow in Whole Foods packages. IMG_7067Meanwhile, I was on childcare duty. I promise Dash really likes me.
IMG_7068 Lochy charmed  everyone in his darling proper outfit and then perched himself on “the naughty bench.”IMG_7073IMG_7069 IMG_7078 But he wasn’t naughty one bit. In fact he’s very compliant when told to give Dash a hug.

IMG_7082A proper cup of Irish tea before supper. IMG_7081For appetizers, Katie helped assemble crackle corn bread to eat with the cheese plate. 
IMG_7089 These “Beetle Juice” candlesticks were pretty awesome, even though they’d sway precariously each time a baby pumped the table. IMG_7090 IMG_7092 IMG_7102 For those that needed more than cheese and corn bread, we had sophisticated pigs in a blanket (dates stuffed with parmesan and wrapped in bacon).IMG_7105 IMG_7107 Take note of the little baldy head in the background (Dash sitting on his little stool).IMG_7111 IMG_7120 IMG_7124 IMG_7132 After three courses, and a lot of spilled red wine, Dash fell asleep..IMG_7133 And slept through music time.IMG_7135Before dessert, I caught Jude sneaking a lick from the pumpkin chiffon pie. He subsequently ate three plates full.

On the way home we split into groups and had a subway race. After 20 minutes of arguing over the best route home we turned to the scientific method and tested both hypothesis’s. Would the G or F train win?? G for the gold!
Happy Thanksgiving New York City!
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2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in Astoria, Queens

  1. What an exquisite looking feast! My family included Brussels sprouts – hands down the cutest of the cruciferous vegetables – in our spread this year too. On their stalk they look like green sleigh bells. Keep the posts coming!

  2. I want you to write every day so I can read your blog before bedtime and go to sleep with this warm fuzzy feeling in my chest every night. Congrats trips, I’m hooked.

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