Katie Gets on a Plane

Little Katie’s two greatest fears in life are airplanes and bed bugs.

She still inspects every tiny piece of lint in the house to rule out a bed bug infestation. But last week, she conquered her airplane phobia.

The last time Katie took a plane she attempted to run off upon boarding, clasped her hands in prayer the entire three hours with a silent tear in her eye, and asked her seatmate, Sean—not the most confident flyer himself—to strangle her if the plane started to go down.

Ever since that flight, Katie has traveled by train (often twenty-four hour rides).

So, it was with great surprise that Katie flew home this week for Christmas break. On top of that, she flew for the first time alone. There was an anxious atmosphere in the house the day before she left. I imagine it was like how the gladiators felt the night before a fight, as Katie wondered aloud if this would be her last night on earth.

She decided against taking medication for the flight, but alcohol never hurts …



Along with some rum, Katie employed the power of prayer. She began the flight with the sign of the cross and prayed throughout the trip. And guess what? It worked!  The wings didn’t snap off,  the engine kept chugging along, and miraculously, the plane stayed in the air.

Katie made it to Sweet Home Chicago!


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3 thoughts on “Katie Gets on a Plane

  1. Susan Williams on said:

    Yeah Katie! You conquered the skies.

  2. Nacho would be so proud. 😉

  3. Mary Beth on said:

    Love Katie’s post with the sign “We’re Glad You are Here!”

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