Little Updates to Our Home Sweet Home

While there are plenty of old photographs of us three dressed up in bonnets for Easter, in matching red dresses for Christmas, and planted in front of three glowing birthday cakes on June 18th, there are less of normal, everyday life.

As a result, there are very few pictures of our childhood Chicago room throughout the years. Because I would have loved to have pictures of the different stages of our room (the three cribs in a “U” formation, the rickety pink bunk bed, the changing paint colors) we’ve been more mindful of documenting our current New York rooms. Now, we can look back at pictures of various dorm rooms, our Lower East Side apartment and now our Park Slope home.

Here are some updates on the little details in our current abode:


This little wooden house, handmade by Uncle Tom, is meant to be a recipe box, but holds little trinkets right now.


A few months ago we hung (i.e. haphazardly nailed up) IKEA curtains between little Katie’s nook and my room. This means that, when the curtains are drawn, we all almost have our own rooms for the first time. Baby steps.


After five months I’ve finally started to fill the big empty white walls in my room. At the Brooklyn Flea I liked a print of a row of brownstones, but didn’t want to pay thirty dollars for said print. So I put little Katie to work. I only had to spend a week nagging her to draw it for me and the results where wonderful. She even added the profile of a kitty sitting in the window.

As luck would have it, when Mary Beth visited last month she brought the most perfect gift basket, one that she’d assembled over a time. Pancake mix, maple syrup from Vermont, granola from Boston, stationary from New York (pictured above next to the clock), a scarf, soap, and art. From one piece of black paper the artist cut out two brownstones connected by laundry. With five brownstones, two bridges and a bird, I now almost have a whole Brooklyn neighborhood.

IMG_7139 Hurricane lamps are the only way to go for bedside lighting.  I found the little card on a table in a bar on the Lower East Side.

IMG_7144The deer profile inked on a scrap of fabric is another Katie original; the roses photograph by Anna.

And, in the featured image at the top, a red bread box now graces our counter, also thanks to Aunt Mary Beth.

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One thought on “Little Updates to Our Home Sweet Home

  1. Love that lamp, I had one next to my bed at my parents’ house and gave off the most perfect light.

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