A New York Christmas

Because I had to stay in New York City for work, the triplets did not spend Christmas together for the first time ever. But before Anna and Katie headed home to Chicago, we did manage to put up a few decorations. It wasn’t the best showing (no Christmas tree), but let’s be fair, an orange wall doesn’t inspire many red and green decorations.
IMG_7146NYU’s Christmas card (and solicitation for donations).
IMG_7147A few weeks back we received a lovely Christmas box from Aunt Maureen—even Lola received a stocking, to be stuffed with toy mice and cat nip treats. Of course, looking at the picture now we obviously should have rearranged the order to spell “LAKE” or “LEAK.” Oh well, next year.
IMG_7158 Up in Astoria where I spent my Christmas, Molly’s apartment was cuter than ever, properly decked out in Christmas attire. 
IMG_7161 IMG_7162 IMG_7166If you can’t go home, there’s no better place to spend Christmas Eve than in Molly’s cozy cocoon of an apartment.  IMG_7168Before bedtime, the boys were “mama’s little helpers” and assisted with cutting out the gingerbread dough. 

IMG_7167IMG_7174 IMG_7175 After sampling their creations, Jude very diligently gave his teeth a vigorous scrub. Meticulous oral hygiene is the key to Christmas, after all. IMG_7178Once the boys were in bed, the candy-cane-striped baby and I took selfies. bhbBut then it was back to work, as Molly, Ronan and I piled the presents under the tree and assembled the bike (“we” being used very loosely here—putting the bike together was all Ronan). IMG_7180

The next morning:
IMG_7183 IMG_7190IMG_7191

IMG_7192I was delighted with my carefully decorated present. Oatmeal for everyone! What could be a better gift than low cholesterol! And a delicious breakfast to boot.  IMG_7195 IMG_7197 IMG_7198 The aftermath. IMG_7199For Christmas breakfast Molly let me break into the fruit cake. Fruit cake is seriously delicious. I would never re-gift a precious loaf. (I took some for lunch the next day but then got worried I’d smell like alcohol in the nurses’ lounge.)IMG_7200 Before the Christmas dinner preparations began, we took a nice long walk down to Astoria Park. IMG_7204 Lochy was not chilly or in pain. This is just consistently the face he gives me when I request a smile. And I love it. IMG_7207 IMG_7210 IMG_7211Then it was straight to work on Christmas dinner.                                                           Appetizers: Homemade parmesan crackers, fancy blue cheese, fruit cake and dates stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon                                                                   Dinner: Ham, Brussels sprouts, beets, chives and cheese biscuits, potatoes and crab legs
Dessert: Gingerbread trifle, snowball cookies, gingerbread cookies, and Irish coffees

IMG_7212 IMG_7214 IMG_7215 IMG_7216IMG_7224 IMG_7225 IMG_7228The boys were playing and didn’t join us at the table, but every now and then Lochy would come in for pieces of ham. I thought he looked just like a baby bird eating a worm. (Though Ronan did not pre-chew Lochy’s meat. ) lochI had to dash back to Brooklyn to get my eight hours of sleep for work, but the festivities carried on without me. Though it was my first Christmas away from home, it was still a pretty wonderful day.

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3 thoughts on “A New York Christmas

  1. Carol Fulkerson on said:

    This is all just so lovely, Emily. I see you found some fantastic alternatives to the Chicago Christmas. Best of all to you and yours in 2014.

  2. Grandpa Tom on said:

    Lovely pictorial essay, Emily.

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