Back in the New York Groove

The only reminder of the holidays around here is the occasional Christmas tree tossed to the curb. Otherwise, we’re back to the normal routine. And yet, there are certainly no post-holiday blues over here. Yes, there was the whole polar vortex thing (and now we’re in the midst of another snow storm), but shoveling isn’t half bad when you live across from a firehouse. While clearing off the sidewalk, two different firemen approached me. One had been shoveling just across the street and offered to help me shovel—though the next minute the fire alarm went off and he had to race back to the firehouse. Later, another fireman said, “Darlin’, you needn’t bother shoveling the street cause the plow trucks usually clear it for us.” But I explained I was mostly just doing it for the exercise. (Oh, and I may have embellished the “darlin'” part.)

Anyways, here are some of the things that have made January speed by:

IMG_72301. Union Square Cafe. While in town for business, Aunt Maureen treated us to dinner at this New York City institution. Sometimes it’s nice to go to a classic place where the majority of the clientele is over 50 and there’s a solid bread basket. IMG_7231 IMG_7243


1.5) Having a surprise birthday in January. We may be June babies, but Maureen thought it would be fun to celebrate again. Thankfully, there were no singing waiters involved. But there was a slice of pecan pie, marshmallow cake and banana pudding.


2. Sunday morning cuddles with Lola in the winter sun.


3. Hanging out in Lower East Side coffee shops with friends. When you live in Park Slope and they live in Harlem, we have to turn the LES into our living room. photo-204
4. Anna’s latest impulse buy: A $60 handcrafted tipi for your cat. Sadly, Lola has never voluntarily entered it. (Yes, we’ve stuffed her in a few times). Ahh, first world problems. 

IMG_7252 IMG_7255So close … We can’t blame her—she prefers her mamas. IMG_7246

5. Taking the subway home at 1 a.m. on a Sunday (working the weekend noon-to-midnight shift is fun) and seeing this guy. No, he wasn’t performing—there was no collection cup out. He was simply standing on his hands while waiting for the train. And he held it for a solid minute.

Of course, this phased no one. After all, this is the city where someone can walk down the street covered in green paint from head to toe—not on Halloween—and wear a shirt made of newspaper strips and no one will give a second glance.

photo-2086. Babies and chocolate cake in Astoria. Last week, Molly had us over for a dinner of chicken, a spanish egg dish, brussel sprouts and chocolate cake. Rumor has it this will be a monthly occurrence. IMG_7258 IMG_7260 IMG_7262 IMG_7265 This is how you do the grocery shopping in NYC: small, frequent trips. IMG_7267Costco-sized items will not do when you have to carry them—and three babies—up to the third floor walk-up.
IMG_7270 IMG_7273 IMG_7274 IMG_7277 Who needs a zoo or museum when a quick stop to the corner fish store is equally as exciting and educational. The Italian grandmas even give you a lesson on how they cook their calamari. IMG_7278 This beauty was served with homemade peanut butter ice cream. IMG_7281This is a commentary on modern society and the destruction of social interaction at the hands of technology. Note also the neglected books and magazines. IMG_7283

And finally, Lochy appears to do a jig on the kitchen stool (also known as “the naughty bench.”)
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3 thoughts on “Back in the New York Groove

  1. Susan Williams on said:

    Dear Subscription Department and editors in Chief,
    I am a real fan of the TRIPS blog and was dismayed to find out that I am not getting all of the blogs. One of my sisters just forwarded this recent blog post to me. I wondered why I had never received it myself. I am wondering if I inadvertently go put on your banned list?!?
    Signed a faithful but disappointed fan.
    (AKA Susan Williams)

  2. Fun pictures and cute cat! 🙂

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