Around Here, Lately

An unorganized assortment of adventures and events over the past few weeks:

1. In order to nurture Lola’s physical fitness and socialization skills we decided to start taking her on afternoon walks. After wrestling her into a pink harness, we were excited to introduce our little cat to this brave new world. Unfortunately, she was not so eager, and actually required a little shove out the door. She then had a mini panic attack, started visibly shaking, and tried to escape from Katie’s arms. The poor dear has agoraphobia. IMG_7447 IMG_7445 2. On Fat Tuesday we had moose-shaped pancakes for supper:


And while Katie was carousing in Saint Louis over Mardi Gras weekend, the other triplets partook in a sophisticated afternoon tea at Laduree in Soho:

photo (48) photo (47)

3. Once a year, having a a bright orange wall and a green rug fits the holiday scheme perfectly:IMG_7452We celebrated by watching the little Park Slope parade, and later cozying up with a tray of tea and cookies:

photo (42) photo (41) 4. A warm sunny Saturday called for the best brunch in Brooklyn, at Buttermilk Channel:

photo (46)

photo (50)

And popping into a glass house gallery:
photo (44)With free treats, of course:

photo (45)

5. The following weekend, we made the long trek out on the G and 7 trains to Flushing, Queens for dim sum:

photo (49)And shared a table with two older Asian women who giggled at our use of chopsticks:

photo (40)6. Over in Astoria, Jude lamented that he didn’t have glasses like the other little boys in class and took matters into his own hands:

photo (51)

7. And Emily visited Anna at her office, if only for the chance to sit in the common area and eat unlimited free snacks:

photo (52)


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One thought on “Around Here, Lately

  1. Ohhhhhh, I want to go to the Laduree tea house, that looks great! I’ve only been to the storefront on the UES. Your moose pancakes remind me of the Japanese pancakes at Hi-Collar! So cute!

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