Better late than never …

Well, the Easter bunny managed to find us in Brooklyn. When we awoke Sunday morning there was an Easter basket for each of us at the foot of our beds. Coincidentally, mom was visiting. Though I worked that evening, we rushed over to Astoria for an Easter brunch at Molly’s: Roasted potatoes, asparagus, ham, mini quiche, cheesecake, and lemon pie. Beforehand the boys searched for Easter eggs at a local church, where parents put a great deal of effort in ensuring that their child  got the most eggs.


IMG_7637 IMG_7629

IMG_7558 IMG_7561 IMG_7562 IMG_7570 IMG_7580 IMG_7590 IMG_7592 IMG_7602IMG_7612 IMG_7614 IMG_7618 IMG_7620IMG_7635

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4 thoughts on “Easter

  1. Wonderful recap of a wonderful day. And how clever of that Bunny to know just where you were. Love, Aunt Maureen

  2. Diana Blitzer on said:

    This Brooklyn-born and raised (Marine Park) friend of Aunt Maureen’s loves your blog and your wonderful photographs!

  3. TRIPS has become my favorite visitor to my inbox! Love the images….

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