Iphone Recap of Spring

The Williams family is going to Wales. We’re going for a reunion in Ireland, but this year, before the reunion, we’re going to spend a few days in Wales. Actually, to be honest we’re amazingly hazy about the details of where we’ll be for the next two weeks. We just know that we get on a plan to Dublin tonight and meet mom and dad in the airport Friday morning. Ah, the joys of having someone else (a mama) plan your vacation. (Normally, we are very independent. Promise).

But first: A summary of a NYC springphoto-213First rooftop party of the seasonphoto-220 The Brooklyn Museum when mom visited. photo-219 A Memorial Day picnic in Prospect Park. photo-218Bear print coffee. 
photo-216After a sister brunch one Sunday at Butcher’s Daughter (not pictured) in the Lower East Side, we met up with a friend. Then because there’s nothing better than Sunday brunch we decided to have second brunch with him in SoHo. And then, because apparently we couldn’t think of anything better to do, we headed to the third restaurant of the day. In our defense, the third stop was only treats and coffee at Russ & Daughters.
photo-215 photo-214Anna is attempting to eat at every top rated barbecue restaurant in NYC with Eric.

photo-222 First homemade barbecue. photo-221Katie joined a Brooklyn softball league this Spring. Anna and Vic were their biggest fans and never missed a game. Sadly their record was 0-8. Katie was never in a good mood Saturday afternoons. Real heartbreakers, those games.

photo 2-2

With my flexible schedule, I went home to Chicago for a week in May. Having not been home in a year and a half, our block never looked so beautiful.

photo 4Dad picked me up from the airport. photo 3-2

And Mom greeted me at the front door. A lone triplet gets lots of attention.

photo 4Every room in our house has at least one bookcase. It was about time we expanded outdoors.
photo 1-3It’s fun to see people stop by and browse. “How to Speak Urdu” has not flown off the shelf.

photo 3-2photo 1-3

photo 2-2When mom visited, we spent a day walking around Central Park. As mom said, “There can’t ever have been a day so beautiful.” Thankfully mom was able to document it with her iPad. Ha.

photo 3

Visiting the old stomping grounds at NYU. photo 2

Getting out of work at 12:15pm hasn’t been nearly so bad with the warm nights… and blooming trees.

photo 2-2 It only took a year, but Anna finally let me visit her at work. I definitely can understand the appeal of a start-up. No cubicles and free snacks all day, every day! (But I’ll still take the free pudding and crackers we get at the hospital. )

photo 1Spring breeze through the open windows. photo 2 Fleet Week! With a patriotic Empire State Building. photo 3

Uncle Louie G’s is open for the season (it becomes a soup shop in the winter). photo 1-3Finally, in honor of Donut Day last week..

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