Dublin Days

Truth be told, Ireland sneaked up on us a bit. Well, as much as a family reunion that occurs every five years can.

Ten years ago we attended our first family reunion in Fermoy, Ireland. Five years later we were back- just in time for our 18th birthday so we could enjoy (a wee baby sip of) Guinness. And, keeping our perfect attendance record going strong, we spent 12 lovely days across the pond this June.

The primary reason we made it across was because of mom. Around March we realized that we had nothing but some plane tickets to Dublin. So when I went home for a week this spring, dad and I marched up to the local coffee shop. We were all business with high hopes of working out all the where, what, when and hows of a vacation.


We hadn’t even decided which UK country we’d visit before the reunion. So, starting out big picture, Dad gave a quick geography lesson of the United Kingdom, which may have been a tad foggy in my mind. I can now proudly inform others that Wales, England and Scotland live together on the same Island. They’re like little triplet countries.

Once that was taken care of, we decided that Wales would be the best place to spend 4 days. We even managed to narrow it down to the northern city of Conwy. And that is where our productivity ended. I started getting frustrated researching hotels with no vacancies, dad began to read the newspaper, our coffee grew cold and we began to realize why people join group tours. I’d rather wear matching yellow group kerchiefs and a fanny pack all week than figure out the nitty gritty details of a vacation.

Thankfully, we were not doomed to parade around Wales and Ireland with 50 retirees. Mom planned every detail seamlessly and didn’t even make us follow her around like sheep.


{Lola was clearly terribly despondent about us leaving}

First up: NYC to Dublin for Friday through Sunday

Katie handled the airplane ride beautifully with the help of some Smirnoff’s. Anna calmed Katie when the fire alarm went off before takeoff and throughout the “strange plane vibrations.” And I spent the six hours next to a British fellow who told me about his ex-wife, son and bulimic ballerina girlfriend. (And to think he had the nerve to act huffy when he had to let me out to use the restroom. After all I’d listened to!)


{We will never not be excited about airplane food.}IMG_1662

{All by my lonesome}

Mom and Dad met us at the gate in the Dublin airport Friday morning, having arrived 3 hrs earlier, and we headed out for our first of many Irish Breakfasts and a long nap.


{Waking up nice and refreshed- ready to walk the Dublin streets!}IMG_7649

{A leisurely stroll along the Liffey}
IMG_7662 IMG_7663 IMG_7659{A quick pit stop to chat} IMG_7666{We have amazing weather luck in Ireland. This was as cloudy as it ever got. Not a drop of rain the whole trip. In fact, we came home with farmer’s tans.}
IMG_7667 IMG_7675 {The Cath Kidston store in all it’s flowery, girly glory. We ended up going 4 times. Dad waited outside.} IMG_7685 IMG_7682{First of many fish & chips}


IMG_7702 {Katie and Anna were amazingly light packers- which meant they were rocking lots of denim on denim] IMG_7706 {A typical Williams walk. Here we discovered we had been walking in the exact opposite direction of our destination, The National Museum of Ireland.} IMG_7707 IMG_7708 {They love maps}


{Dad’s first vacation with an iPhone}
IMG_7737{We happened upon a churchyard fair with a petting zoo} 

IMG_7734IMG_7740{We begrudgingly let the Irish kids have a turn} IMG_7751IMG_7757 {We forced dad to cuddle the animals}

IMG_7759 {Dad only likes craft fairs if they’re in Ireland}
IMG_7769If Katie is not smiling she tends to look angry or bored. So when this gentleman was showing his falcons to us he started teasing Katie for not being impressed by his birds. At one point he shouted out to the crowd for everyone to look at her, and how “this Dublin boy made an American girl blush.” And then he insisted on pictures.


{The museum had an exhibit on Irish military history. Too bad Ireland didn’t have mom and her sharp shooter skills back in the day}IMG_7789
{Energy for the road. Kit-Kats are so much better in Ireland}IMG_7811 {Ice cream’s pretty good there too} 


{“Sisters, Sisters, there were never such devoted sisters” (that’s for you Aunt Maureen!)}

More to come!

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4 thoughts on “Dublin Days

  1. Maureen on said:

    What a great trip, trips. And I’ll be singing “Sisters, Sisters” all night.

  2. Mary Beth on said:

    Love it! Name of the chap your father chatting with on the bench?

  3. john t. williams on said:

    Patrick Kavanaugh — NOT James Joyce!

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