A Walk in Wales

(Yes, every title is going to be a “W” alliteration.)

Anyways, staying in an apartment as opposed to a hotel was the best decision we (I mean mom) could’ve made. For four lovely days it truly felt like we had our own cozy Welsh home. We’d eat breakfast at our cheery kitchen table, go out exploring, and come home at night to watch the World Cup. Living in a residential area gave us a slice of real life in Wales. Plus, doing laundry and washing dishes in Wales is much more fun.
IMG_7953(Bread, butter, jam and cheese made up 70% of our diet, and no one was complaining. When we asked dad, “What’s your favorite food?” in all seriousness, he responded, “Butter.” }IMG_7955This is Weetabix. Only Katie and I actually enjoyed it. Even dad, who will eat anything, could only manage a bite. (Side note: the Magners was probably from the night before.)IMG_7957The novelty of a European clothes line even had dad out there hanging up laundry.}IMG_7960On our first full day in Wales we stopped by the grocery store to buy food for a picnic. Anna got distracted looking at kids clothes for her hope chest. IMG_7971 Before the picnic we of course first had to work up an appetite. Dad likes to call the long walks that I push for “death marches.” But I think we can all agree that the 4-mile idyllic walk along the coast was no “death march.” IMG_7972{Triplets and the castle}
IMG_7978 {Katie and the castle} IMG_7980 {Dad and the castle}IMG_7981It wasn’t all fun and games posing with our castle friend. We eventually got down to the marching part. IMG_7984 IMG_7989 {Getting adventurous and walking on the wall. So crazy. }IMG_7990 IMG_7992(Dad loves the shirt-wrapped-around-shoulders look. Thoughts? Weigh in on the comments section.}IMG_8002 Finally we arrived in the seaside town of Llandudno. The girl who(m?) Lewis Carroll based Alice in Wonderland on used to vacation here; the Cheshire cat and other wooden characters are sprinkled throughout the town. IMG_8005Who knew we’d come to the U.K. and get a palm tree vacation? The town had a charming Victorian promenade and reminded us of San Francisco with its colorful houses. IMG_8006Lunch never tasted so good after our little hike. We plopped down on the ground and started assembling cheese and tomato sandwiches. IMG_8008Little did we know, a predator was lurking nearby as we obliviously munched away. IMG_8009For those who don’t know, Dad thinks everyone is “out to get you,” rob you, “pull the wool over your eyes.” Case in point, throughout Ireland and Wales (not even countries particularly known for pickpocketers), he used one of those concealed money pouches to carry his passport and Euros. Hence why there were way too times that dad went digging in his pants in public to pull out his money. IMG_8011But as we dined in the sun in a quaint little Welsh town, Dad finally let his guard down. Amateur move. When his head was turned, a seagull dove in and snatched his sandwich right out of his hand with such force that Dad first thought it was a person. More seagulls swarmed in and scrambled over the bread crumbs. These bold Welsh seagulls have no fear. Let that be a lesson for us all.
IMG_8014We gave Dad the rest of the crisps and Mom gave us some historical background of the town from her guide book. IMG_8018Note the tough Welsh lady in the background who braved the cold sea.

IMG_8023 After consulting the trusty guide book, Mom got us back on our feet to take an old-fashioned cable car up to the Great Orme nature preserve.IMG_8041We chugged up the hill, fearing the 100-year-old cables would snap at any moment. If it’s not yet apparent, the Williams family is a very cautious family. No roller coasters, no zip-lining, no swimming in oceans (come on, we’ve all seen “Jaws”). An old-fashioned cable car is the height of risk-taking for us.

IMG_8038(This is for those who might ever have the opportunity to scold a Welsh native for smoking. That is, if you can ever figure out how to pronounce it.} IMG_8071

At the top, we plopped back down on the ground for a good long while.

IMG_8060photo-217{We took selfies}photo-214(And then we took meditating selfies. What better place to gain enlightenment than on the Great Orme?} photo-213photo-215IMG_8066IMG_8068{Dad picked up this shirt for Mom in Ecuador. Needless to say, we were all pretty impressed. Will he have a second career in ladies fashion? Only time will tell.} 
IMG_8073{Instead of taking the cable car, we ended up walking down the hill back into town alongside the tracks.  It was equally lovely.}

IMG_8076(Step by step, Katie got less and less pleased about placing one foot in front of the other.} IMG_8078{Her face when we got back to town and proposed walking to the end of the boardwalk}IMG_8087Three facts about Wales: 1) Everyone has a dog 2) Everyone has an ice cream cone  3) Every couple walks hand-in-hand (obviously with the free hand that’s not holding their ice cream). Without a dog or ice cream, Mom and Dad are obvious tourists.

More of Wales to come!


P.S. And on our second evening in Wales, we rested.

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3 thoughts on “A Walk in Wales

  1. Mary Beth on said:

    Close up of seagull. Assuming this is the culprit. That photo tells it all – 3 crimes in one photo. Person in background being mugged, seagull awaiting incarceration after theft and in the foreground, shoes of the person felled by robber.

  2. Susan Williams on said:

    Love the posts…You could have easily passes as Welsh lassies. Did JT press charges against the culprit?

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