Farewell to Wales

Sooo correction: it turns out our birthday was not in fact on the day we explored Conwy. Goes to show you how much importance we place on our birthday. I realized this only after I saw the date on these pictures. Ah memory is such a fickle thing.  (Though it’s not as bad as the year dad walked into our room the morning after our birthday with a proud “Happy Birthday girls!” Still don’t know how he missed the celebrations the day before.)

Anyways, on our last day in Wales we contemplated hiking in Snowdonia. Instead we took a vintage coal powered train through Snowdonia. Good thing cause we were a tad sleepy.IMG_8256First we had to take a modern train to get to the touristy, old-fashioned train.

IMG_8251{A peek into dad’s future? Riding the rails with Sean?}IMG_8259We ditched modern technology for this sweet little guy.IMG_8276Dad loved watching them shovel coal into the engine and reminded us that in his day he’d have to descend into the basement each winter night to shovel coal into the furnace.

IMG_8253The train ride was scene after scene of green hills dotted with sheep, cows, and castles. IMG_8254 IMG_8261We cozied up inside to watch it all go by.

IMG_8269And sipped lemonade from a waitress who served the thirsty passengers tea, coffee, and treats. What a dignified way to travel.

photo-6Then the cutest ginger family got on board the train and we took a picture of their baby. Well Anna pretended to take a picture of me, but then angled her phone every so slightly over to the babe.

IMG_8270Ain’t no corn fields and flat prairies in these parts.IMG_8273We arrived in the beautiful coastal town of Porthmadog and stretched our legs.IMG_8274Thought this man looked pretty distinguished. Too bad we didn’t get a chance to talk with him over lemonade.

IMG_8283We strolled around in the sun and had a birthday lunch at a restaurant where the sound of the kitchen staff speaking in Welsh drifted into the dining room. IMG_8287Alas, it was a short visit in town as the last train out was leaving soon. IMG_8294 IMG_8296 IMG_8297As the warm train car rocked us gently through the mountains, our eyelids got heavier and heavier. At some point everyone but dad had fallen asleep. We tried hard to fight it so as not to waste our scenic train ride, but it was no use. IMG_8305On our final night in Wales we ate ice cream and drank beer down by the waterfront. (Ok, we had ice cream and dad had beer-just wanted to sound cool).IMG_8308IMG_8310Bright and early the next morning we said goodbye to our Welsh hosts and dear Conwy before heading to the Dublin-bound ferry.

IMG_8311Credit also goes to Katie for packing everything in that teensy blue bag.

IMG_8314No one was thrilled about leaving Wales. Thankfully we had Ireland and a family reunion to look forward to. IMG_8315Who knew sitting on some trains and boats could be so exhausting. IMG_8316IMG_8318We didn’t stay long in Dublin, heading straight down south to County Cork. We spent the night in Cork City in a B&B run by one older lady. Thinking of that poor woman changing all those beds, we (the trips) squeezed into one bed. Katie’s fear of BBs and critters may also have have something to do with it. IMG_8319 IMG_8320

 Family reunion up next!

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