Irish Family Reunion

And now…the moment we’ve been waiting 5 years for.. the reason 40 Americans and about 200 people from Ireland, Australia, and England flocked to Fermoy… The Bartley/Buckley Family Reunion! (If you want an exact count please count all the heads above and report back.) IMG_8434The day started out cloudy and chilly, but it turned out to be perfect reunion-ing weather. IMG_8430We got there early to help set up. IMG_8433And by “set up” I mean bring out the entertainment: a wooden cow for the kids to practice milking on. Gotta love a good educational toy. Monopoly, abacuses, milking cows… 
IMG_8435I filled her up with water and Oran got to work! IMG_8451Anna, Sarah “the fourth triplet,” and Katie IMG_8461The sun eventually came out in full Irish force.

IMG_8443 And a massive family tree was posted up on the fence. Can’t tattoo this bad boy on to your back. IMG_8445Got the tree down pat Katie? Maybe??
IMG_8448Even the people (mom) who married into the family tree are excited! IMG_8456For lunch, some people had a classy spread.. IMG_8457Others, had a casual picnic. Again this is very representative of our vacation food: “crisps,” bread butter, cheese and fruit. Delicious!
IMG_8475The highlight is always the Americans vs. Irish tug-of-war. IMG_8476We really thought we had a shot this year. IMG_8482IMG_8480We showed no mercy! Not even to the tiny ginger up front. 
IMG_8483 Alas, there were just too many Irish. And we were brought to our knees (3 times in a row I believe. Sorry America.)  IMG_8490You’d think we were trying to start a family feud- next up, a competitive game of soccer.  IMG_8498IMG_8503I focused my attention on scouting the sure to be next big thing in Irish soccer. IMG_8500Mark my words, 20 years from now you will be hearing about these boys… IMG_8501 IMG_8505We requested more photos, and again, Oran was not too pleased. Don’t believe anyone who says Ireland is cloudy. Just look at the poor boy! IMG_8507We headed home to freshen up before heading to the pub. Sadly, there are no pictures because we were too busy eating, drinking, and chatting. Someone hired a local musician, so in the evening we swayed along to sad Irish songs from the one man band. When he played Irish jigs and classics for us Americans like, “Sweet Home Alabama” we stormed the dance floor. IMG_8425In the morning we said sadly goodbye to our lovely Irish family. IMG_8508 IMG_8509Goodbye, Oran IMG_8510Goodbye, Cara IMG_8511And goodbye, Robyn.

We headed to Dublin where we stuffed our pockets with Irish candy from the vending machines before getting on the plane home.


“Thank you Are Lingus for being the most adorable airlines. Tea, shamrocks, planes named after Irish saints, and playing 1 Direction upon landing. Also thank you for not dropping me in the middle of the Atlantic.”

See you in 5 years Ireland! We couldn’t have asked for a better trip. Nor for a better family.

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3 thoughts on “Irish Family Reunion

  1. Molly on said:

    Lochy narrated each picture as I scrolled through…”there’s a boy named Whatever…there’s a boy named Sca-wee Pants,” and of course, “there’s aunty ginger and her boy-fwend.” He was happy to see that the triplets now have children, as evidenced by the photo where you are each hugging a child.

  2. Hahaha..Now I’m even more excited to see Lochy this weekend. this blog is long overdue for some Lochy photos.

  3. The Irish vs Americans tug of war picture makes me laugh every time I look at it. Your Dad, JT is straining as he pulls against the little boys pulling for the Irish. I still marvel at how we adults lost so definitively everytime against all those little kids on the Irish side. Must be the brown bread.

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