Williams Sibling Weekend

First of all, this is a shameless case study of the over-documented life. Not a morsel of food we ate this weekend went un-photographed. Even during the most mundane moments (the dressing room of H&M) the camera was pulled out (when everyone was fully clothed).

But, ya know, the last time Sean was in NYC was four years ago, so this weekend deserved to be archived. It’s not every day that Sean takes a three day break from medical school to spend a perfect summer weekend with his favorite triplets.

IMG_8512Sean arrived Thursday night at 1am. On Friday afternoon I came home (after 24 hrs in the hospital-I may have slept on a mat in the physical therapy gym) to find our new roommate making himself right at home on my bed. Don’t worry guys- Katie had briefed him on all the house rules like, “Though shall not wear your subway clothes on the bed.”‘  We did not go so far as to make him buy a house dress. IMG_8513While I was gone, Katie and Sean played basketball and lifted weights at the Y before going on a store run. Of note: before Sean arrived he texted, “Ladies, I paid off my credit card today!” And then he spoiled us the whole weekend. IMG_8518It was like Christmas morning when I got home from work and tore open cupboards and rummaged through the fridge, discovering each new sugary treat. We are living the dream of every 8 year old boy. Our freezer runneth over with every TV dinner and colorful processed food our hearts desire. Actually that Kid Cuisine looks awful. Really? Yellow macaroni and yellow corn? It’s more the novelty of trying one. Soo ironic. Soo hipster. IMG_8519Our kitchen has never been this plentiful; we’ve never even had a full gallon of milk in our fridge. And no more, $1.99 Trader Joes cereal! We’re eating like the Spaniards for breakfast. IMG_8595If this picture needs an explanation, the thinking here was that each sibling needed their own Nutella jar. Duh.  After seeing the loot, cousin Matt noted, “he should probably be kicked out of med school for that. ”

IMG_8521Anyways, did I mention we lift?

IMG_8523This will sound crazy, but “New Sean” likes to shop. Well he doesn’t like it per se, but he tolerated a trip to Soho so we could update his wardrobe a bit. Just bring him out of the 90’s a bit. Previously, his closet consisted of oversized t-shirts from college and baggy jeans.

IMG_8522We looked to the sky for inspiration for his new look.

IMG_8530But before the big shopping spree, we thought it best to buy a double rainbow sprinkle cone from Mr. Softee, lest our blood sugar get low while browsing. IMG_8529Anna met us in H&M and we headed to the men’s section. Sean is so lucky. I’d love to shop if I had three little assistants running around making all my decisions for me, finding the right sizes, and fawning over how great I like. 
IMG_8541IMG_8544IMG_8545“New Sean” on top, “Old Sean” on bottom. For years we’ve told him to part with his beloved cut-off cargo shorts. He finally listened! I think the lesson here is to nag. Just keep nagging… IMG_8546As Sean emerged from the changing room in clothes that actually fit him we cooed, “Aww you look like a real person now. This is weird.” IMG_8549And sometimes we shooed him back in before the other shoppers saw him. Needless to say, this did not make the “Keep” pile.


At one point, we suggested that at 31 years old perhaps Sean should spring for a wallet that isn’t closed with velcro. And then, being the ever so tolerant triplets that we are, we decided we didn’t want to take away too much of “Old Sean.”


When we dumped the high pile of clothes at the register, the amused cashier asked, “Where are you guys from?” We felt obligated to explain, “He’s from Chicago and we’re giving him a make-over.” She approved of the red shirt, but when we told her to check out his cut-off cargos she burst out laughing: “Oh yeah, that’s Chicago.” 
IMG_8552I gave him the full New York City experience and made him feel like the paparazzi was chasing him.


We were getting peckish but forged on to Old Navy where we picked up three more shirts. Every man has his limit, so we perked up his spirits with promises of soup dumplings in Chinatown.
IMG_8558This is the look of a victorious man after a relatively painless shopping spree. IMG_8559Even though Little Italy is so touristy, I always forget how charming it can be on a summer night. The streets are blocked off so that the restaurant tables can spill out onto the sidewalk. IMG_8561Neon and Christmas lights never hurt either. IMG_8563IMG_8569A waving cat greeted us at Shanghai Dumplings. Waving cats are always a good sign.
IMG_8570Sean let us order whatever we wanted:IMG_8571Chinese green tea, IMG_8572Cold peanut noodles,
IMG_8574Pork and vegetable dumplings, IMG_8575IMG_8576and vegetable Lo Mein. IMG_8579All for a grand total of $24!! Sometimes you just really have to love New York City. IMG_8582I must say that we made the perfect order. Every last noodle was eaten and we still had room for a treat. Chinese people aren’t exactly known for their desserts, are they? So, we headed to the Lower East Side, for a sundae at the very trendy Morgenstern’s. Apparently, every other  New Yorker who reads the Dining section of the New York Times had the same idea. The above pic was our view for far too long as the line trickled in to the shop.

IMG_8586The queue snaked down the block, but “New Sean” didn’t scoff at the idea of waiting in line for 45 minutes for a $13 (!!) bowl of ice cream. We’re sure glad. IMG_8590Believe it or not, this salted caramel pretzel sundae was completely worth it. Granted it wasn’t my 13 bucks, but it was absolutely the most delicious sundae ever. Don’t scoff until you try it.

The over indulgence had just begun, just wait till you see what we eat tomorrow…

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  1. I vote for the hybrid “New Sean/Old Sean”

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