Sean and the City

For those who can’t quote just about every line from Carrie Bradshaw, the title is a play on “Sex and the City.” I’m revealing family secrets here, but much to the chagrin of our non-materialistic mother, the Williams siblings share a love for “SATC.” We weren’t allowed to watch much TV growing up; the one TV we owned was hidden in the darkest, scariest corner of the basement. But then in high school Sean returned from his first tour in Iraq with 300 bootleg DVDs, a box set of Seinfeld, and the entire collection of “SATC,” encased in a pink shiny box, because “I just like any show set in New York City.” We’re with ya. seanAnd this guy watched every single episode of a show about 4 New York City women buying $500 shoes, chatting at brunch, and going on dates. In a bunk in Iraq. (Ignore the bucket hat, remember that’s “Old Sean.”)

He hid the DVDs in his closet and the minute he left we had seen every episode as well within a few weeks. Ever since, we’ve loved to reminisce about various lines and discuss the merits of each SATC character. How many girls can do that with their brother?

IMG_8593Point is, Saturday was a perfect day with Sean in the city. To start of the day we re-admired his new wardrobe. Fashion show! Fashion show! Fashion show with Sean!

IMG_8596We (Sean) did our morning push-ups. IMG_8600Then the 4 Williams siblings rotated through the shower. This is called “Waiting for Katie” because ever since we were little, she has inevitably always been the last one out the door. 
IMG_8602Thirty minutes later… 
IMG_8605We hopped on the subway for the first and only time that day. After that we only walked. From 10:30 a.m. till 7:00 p.m. we were placing one foot in front of the other all over New York City. Our first treat of the day was lattes for the train ride. IMG_8608Sean doesn’t like coffee one bit, but we made him try it. When in Rome … Still I think he mostly just dipped his tongue in the foam. Baby steps. IMG_8610Subway time is quiet time. 
IMG_8613The family that reads together … learns together? builds their vocabulary together?stays together? can’t remember the ending to that one. Oh and PSA, don’t litter.

IMG_8614Our first stop in our full day of walk-eat-repeat was Peter Pan Donuts in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. 
IMG_8619These are just classic, $1 donuts served by Polish women in matching green smocks. IMG_8624Sean was skeptical, but agreed that they’re definitely better than Dunkin Donuts. IMG_8626This warm, chocolate glazed was the group favorite. IMG_8630Heading south through McCarren Park, we showed Sean the ballpark where Katie played softball this spring and where we sat on the sidelines. IMG_8634In Williamsburg, we showed Sean the natural habitat of hipsters and then veered him into this little jewelry shop where you pick out your charms and chain and they assemble. IMG_8636Sadly, our only sibling mirror pic. We’re all there. Some of us just more so than others.

IMG_8637I will admit that this does not look the ideal Saturday morning for a boy, but Sean never lost his patience. Perhaps he just pretended they were trays and trays of Legos.
IMG_8638Dare I say he was enjoying it? IMG_8641While they assembled the necklaces, we killed 15 minutes by dragging him to a pet store to look at the kittens and then this kids’ store. And look he’s still not pouting! 
IMG_8646Though he was happier when we got back on the road. It was time to show him our favorite NYC walk: marching over the Williamsburg Bridge. At the top, a woman took the one picture of the whole weekend with all 4 of us. And my eyes were closed. Can’t win ’em all.IMG_8654Sean got us in a nervous tizzy by climbing up on the rail. Who’s seen Saturday Night Fever? Don’t climb on bridges.

IMG_8648Except we easily give in to peer pressure. IMG_8650And started to enjoy the concrete jungle gym. IMG_8652West Side Story anyone? 
IMG_8656Meh, Katie’s not a fan of Sean’s rendition. 
IMG_8657I’ve always found that the ever changing graffiti on the bridge is relevant to my life. Case in point, the bridge knew about Sean’s makeover. He really is cool now. I cannot emphasize how nice it is to see Sean in clothes that fit him. It’s still a bit strange; we weren’t exactly sure what he looked like underneath a shirt 4 sizes too big. It’s like when women wore hoop skirts back in the day; boys must have been so curious—do women even have legs? 2 of them? IMG_8660 Paper cranes are the latest community art gracing the bridge. Another reason why the Williamsburg is the best bridge. IMG_8663Who else loves their coordinated outfits?
IMG_8666The bridge is meant to be enjoyed so we paused to read graffiti and enjoy the view.. IMG_8668
IMG_8671The Lower East Side even does construction fencing well. And how relevant, cause next stop was…donuts!

IMG_8679From our all-time favorite, Doughnut Plant. We had a mini Mexican wedding, a creme brûlée, a peanut butter with banana cream, and a vanilla bean with strawberry jam. Oh, and a glass of milk with 4 straws, please.

IMG_8684But there wasn’t time to rest! Must keep walking … straight to Tompkins Square Bagels. Again with the whole NYC art being relevant to life thing: Food and walking combined into an ambulating bagel.

IMG_8683After reading about it everywhere we were so excited to try the birthday cake cream cheese bagel. 
IMG_8687Saadly, it was just cream cheese with sprinkles mixed in. Nothing really to write home about (contradiction noted).  The scallion cream cheese was decent. IMG_8693The next logical stop was Washington Square Park, to visit our alma mater. Thank goodness they pinched their cheeks and stretched for the pic, IMG_8694…cause it turned out wonderfully. IMG_8696A sad attempt at a “W”IMG_8699Some Asian tourists asked to take a photo with this blonde baby. I was only brave enough to take a sneaky photo.
IMG_8701We begged Sean to play chess with the guys in the park. He preferred to stop and smell the flowers. IMG_8703From Greenwich Village, we meandered over to the West Village where we peeked into Magnolia Bakery. Yes, we literally just peeked through the window. IMG_8704IMG_8707Sean wanted to walk over another bridge so we headed south to the Brooklyn Bridge. Along the way Sean impressed all the New York City ladies with his pull-ups.
IMG_8708Anna did too. And up she goes!IMG_8709…all the way up on her toes!
IMG_8711The walking gods were looking out for us on Saturday. Truly perfect walking weather. Overcast skies and a cool breeze kept everyone in good spirits even on mile 9. IMG_8713We aren’t huge fans of the Brooklyn Bridge since it’s so touristy and crowded, but every once in awhile there’s a gap where you can sneak in a pic. IMG_8717IMG_8718IMG_8719IMG_8720Lady Liberty is still shakin’ her fist. That’s a country lyric for those not in the know.
IMG_8721Katie was a trooper and never lagged behind. But she had her moments…IMG_8727The pier on the Brooklyn side is amazing. Free botchee ball courts, sand volleyball, lawns, grills, and picnicking families. IMG_8729More risky behavior by that scamp, Sean.
IMG_8734Still don’t understand how all the buildings fit on such a tiny island.


If you have the energy, walk down to pier 6 for an excellent dining experience at Fornino. Salads, fire-roasted pizza, and beer, all served outdoors with a perfect view of Manhattan.

IMG_8742We scored a table with an unobstructed view. IMG_8743IMG_8745Earlier in the day we had big plans of buying a carrot or apple at a farmer’s market to cancel out all our sugary treats. Alas, we never came across one. Instead we redeemed ourselves by starting out with 2 market salads and 1 watermelon & feta salad. IMG_8746Laid out side by side in huge bowls, they reminded me of when dogs line up and clamor for their dog food. 
IMG_8748A refreshing change. IMG_8749
IMG_8752IMG_8753Anna folding her pizza like a true New Yorker. 
Again we made the perfect order and weren’t too stuffed. When Sean proposed walking home we negotiated that if Google Maps said it would be less than an hour back to Park Slope we would walk it. More than 60 minutes, and we were hopping on the subway. Google Maps calculated travel time to be exactly 58 minutes. 
IMG_8765Fair is fair, and we marched on. IMG_8772T’was a blessing in disguise; on our walk home through Brooklyn we hunted for the perfect dessert spot. The dessert gods were also looking out for us because we walked right past Momofuko Milk Bar. It was a bit dark and a lady was mopping the floor so we debated if it was closed or not. Anna walked up and tugged on the door, but it didn’t budge. The lady inside waved and we started to walk away crestfallen. 
IMG_8768Oh wait, never trust Anna’s skinny arms. The door was just a tad heavy. We finished the day off with a grasshopper pie slice, a rainbow confetti cookie, and cereal milk soft serve. And ate every last crumb. IMG_8770
IMG_8773By this point Anna had said, “My dogs are barking,” ten times. IMG_8774

Can you guys guess what we did when we were finally home? That’s right, we watched Sex and the City.

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3 thoughts on “Sean and the City

  1. This was “sisterly eye for the straight guy.” Reading this makes compels me to pull out the SITC DVD’s.

  2. I have to mention that within 24 hours of your photo and walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, mischief was done which resulted in a white flag waving in place of the american flag. Assuming you are innocent.

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