Lemons Into Lemonade

Sunday was Sean’s last day in the city, but we managed to squeeze in a lot before his 5 p.m. flight. While the theme of Saturday was “Walk. Eat. Repeat,” on Sunday the theme turned out to be: a series of little missteps that worked out beautifully.

Oh and babies. Lots of babies.
IMG_8781As is turned out, we actually hadn’t been so gluttonous on Saturday … because we actually woke up ravenous Sunday morning. We rushed out the door for an early brunch n’ church. Note the size of Sean’s bag. Anna and Katie used a smaller one to go to Ireland. Ha.  IMG_8784 We dressed Sean in his new shoes, shorts and button down patterned with tiny white stars. So, so cute. If you’re gonna have a new wardrobe, there is no better place than NYC to debut it. IMG_8785We dined at Cafe Gitane on the most charming street in Nolita. It’s a sweet little French and Moroccan place where the waitresses wear matching vintage green dresses. And the best part is that everyone deserts the city in the summer, so we were some of the few diners at this (normally packed) place.

IMG_8786 This is how water in restaurants should be done. Give us our own bottle! (This marks my last tirade on restaurant water.)IMG_8788The main reason we chose Cafe Gitane is because they serve their mochas with a bear paw print and a chocolate. It’s the little things. Given how excited we were about the drink, Sean decided to try it …
IMG_8789… and promptly dumped all of it in Anna’s lap. He claimed it was hot and he disliked it so much that he wanted to set it down as quickly as possible. While the waitresses dashed over with mops and towels, we explained that he doesn’t get out much to restaurants. Boy likes to eat out of tupperware at home. IMG_8793Thankfully, they didn’t sabotage our dishes in revenge. Anna and Sean had baked eggs with salmon and potatoes.
IMG_8797 I had yogurt, granola and fruit with Avocado toast. IMG_8799 Actually we cut this in quarters because it is so delicious.IMG_8802 We left a “please let us come back sometime” tip and escaped before we could cause them any more trouble. Outside, we assessed the damage. Anna decided not to sue. IMG_8804 Even as a baby, Katie was always a clean, precise eater. She did not find the mess so amusing. IMG_8806 Mocha was turning up everywhere. Not a body part was spared. IMG_8807Given the unfortunate looking splash marks, we couldn’t just ignore it.  IMG_8808 To the amusement of that older gentleman, we first tried to clean up with hand sanitizer.IMG_8821

Then upgraded to a more heavy duty,  good ol’ fashioned NYC sprinkler bath. IMG_8822While doing the finishing touches in the water fountain. IMG_8818His mug shot. But aww look, so sweet. Sean’s favorite things: army helicopters and pink hearts.  IMG_8815Just need to point out that this shirt was bought by dad in Guatemala. He picked it out all by himself from a woman on the street who promised it had been hand-woven by her. Even a middle-aged man stopped me to say, “I just love your outfit.” A win for dad, a win for Guatemala. 
IMG_8825 We had some time to kill before Mass, so this time it was our turn to shop.IMG_8828Yay! A new skirt for triplets. And it’s even better than the old one. Please, drop coffee on us more often Sean. (We might start buttering his cup handle.) IMG_8829 My job had been to look up what time Mass was. We scheduled our brunch exactly to attend the 10:30 a.m. Mass. But when we got there everyone started fussing at me that I’d gotten it completely wrong. English Mass wasn’t until 12:45 p.m. and Chinese Mass was at 10:15 a.m. You’d think the whole day was ruined the way they grumbled on.IMG_8831 And that is how we ended up being the only blond-haired, blue-eyed people at a mass conducted entirely in Chinese. Once again things worked out beautifully.  1) China is a major world power and we better start learning Chinese. (The only thing we picked up was that “Amen” is the same in Chinese and English) 2) We just pretended it was Latin—another language we’d be lost in. 3) We got a lot of attention.

When we first walked in, it felt like the whole church turned their heads to stare in confusion. “Do they know?!?” Then throughout the entire Mass the two little boys in front of us would look back exactly every three minutes (sometimes more). And yes, we remained white and non-Chinese speaking minute after minute.
IMG_8832After a short Mass (another bonus to being late!), we headed to Astoria, Queens.  IMG_8837 IMG_8839Picking up flowers before doing the classic “pop in” at Molly’s. IMG_8843Dash took quite the liking to Sean. As with all babies, the trick is to ignore them; let them get curious and come to you. And never, ever respond right away to their text messages. Babies can sense desperateness.
IMG_8851Sean sat down nonchalantly and within seconds Dash was all over him.

IMG_8853This is pretty self-explanatory: A montage of Dash entertaining us with silly faces and noises. IMG_8856 IMG_8863 IMG_8864 IMG_8865 IMG_8868 IMG_8873 IMG_8883 IMG_8887IMG_8896Lochy, a little tired of all the ohh and ahhing over baby Dash, showed off his new stand-on-one-foot trick.  IMG_8891photo 1photo 2See, the new skirt is so much cuter than the old one anyways. photo 3Educating us on the solar system …photo 4With a face of true enlightenment. photo 1Everyone loves Molly’s crowded, cozy kitchen. Doesn’t hurt that she’s always whipping up new treats like this banana coffee cake. IMG_8899IMG_8900Lochy giggled mischievously while Molly told the story behind his new haircut. One day after mentioning, “Mama, I want to be the boy with no hair,” he sneaked out Jude’s school scissors and went to work. He then cleverly hid the evidence under the table.  photo 2photo 3photo 4Got a lot of shifty eye going on in this photo ^^^photo 1Molly is the original New York City walker so we then strutted around Astoria with her. Jude was hesitant to go out at first, but perked up when Sean whizzed him around in the stroller. photo 2photo 3We ended up at this street fair where we enjoyed cool drinks and spicy pad thai. photo 3photo 4photo 1Ever feel like this after an afternoon in the hot NYC sun? We get you, Jude. photo 2A boy and his stick. Lochy refused to let go. photo 4photo 5photo 1Once back home, Ronan arrived from LaGuardia airport …photo 2And Sean soon had to head off. T’was a pretty perfect weekend. We ticked off all the boxes and then some. Toodle loo.

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4 thoughts on “Lemons Into Lemonade

  1. Laura on said:

    Beautiful pictures and delightful stories. Thanks for sharing these moments, Trips!

  2. Great post, Story about little boys in church looking back at you every few minutes…sure wonder what the buzz was after Mass why you were there.

    NB. previous posts is not really “the New Sean” as this is actually the old Sean …he’s just back.

  3. wordlvr on said:

    So much fun. When I go to NYC do I have to do it without the Williams Four? I love your tips on having kids like you….babies sense desperateness! And why hasn’t someone in Chicago been smart enough to make spicy Pad Thai?

  4. Reading TRIPS has become the highlight of my online life! Family, Fashion and Food…The 3 F’s…..Do love it!

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