Sarah’s Wedding

We were up bright and early Saturday morning to meet Kevin and Mari for brunch. Actually it was 8 a.m., so I suppose that’s just breakfast (brunching sounds more fun though, doesn’t it?) In NYC, most places wouldn’t be open by then, but it was nice to eat a big breakfast early. More time to digest for a big dinner!

photoWe dined at M.Henrietta for bottomless coffee, lemon french toast, chorizo, eggs, and toast. When the waitress offered us free coffee to go we realized we definitely weren’t in NYC anymore. Also, we have finally reached the stage where paying for the bill doesn’t end in a desperate pile of crumpled bills from velcro wallets, coins and multiple credit cards. Yay adulthood!IMG_7539-3Then we walked over to the beach to meet up with Meghan for a quick lounge on the sand. IMG_4481IMG_6555We heart Chicago. IMG_7370Despite a brave attempt at swimming, it was just too cold. Not that we really minded anyways; we’re too scared of sharks (and pointy shells, slimy seaweed, fish … you name it) to go in far. 
IMG_9083 We primped for the wedding, pretending we were 1900 ladies who spend hours powdering noses and cinching corsets before the big party. Meanwhile, Laura enjoyed the hammock (otherwise known as Dad’s retirement desk).  IMG_9084 Inspired by Indian weddings, we got busy applying our temporary gold tattoos—a.k.a. “white girl henna.” photoTrend alert:  Real tattoos are so passé—everyone in NYC is wearing temporaries. It has always been our dream to have dad tattoo our names in large script across his back, but we’d also be satisfied with a temporary version. IMG_9097Notice the resemblance to Michelangelo’s Hand of God painting?IMG_9099 Pretty soon it was time to scramble into family car. Sometimes family car is miserable. Sometimes family car is delightful. This time it was the latter as we zoomed along the lake to Evanston. IMG_9102 IMG_9105Upon arrival at the chapel we couldn’t help but be disappointed by this little sign.
IMG_9106Though disappointed about having to leave our firearms outside, this stained glass helped to lift our spirits. IMG_9111 Sarah, the beautiful bride, with Uncle Will. IMG_9120 We all got a little teary when the bride and groom started choking up during the exchange of vows. We’ve decided we really need to go to more weddings. Great fun. Open bar, colorful dresses, waiters walking around with food on sticks, bubbles, and I suppose love and all that. IMG_9148As the bridal party took photos, we attempted some of our own.
IMG_9150 IMG_9153Dad and cousin Regina. (And Aunt Maureen, in the background posing for head shots for her LinkedIn profile. Ha, never miss an opportunity to be productive.)
IMG_9156 Little Katie, trying to hold back tears. IMG_9158 Mom says all three of us have to have a joint wedding to save money.  Having always enjoyed sharing a birthday with two other people, sharing a wedding day sounds like a fine idea to us. IMG_9159 IMG_9170 The original Williams 6: Aunt Margaret, John T., Aunt Katie (mother of the bride), Aunt Mary Beth, Aunt Maureen, and Aunt Susan. IMG_9171We couldn’t help but laugh at Sean’s arm around Laura. He’s trying to be sweet but the arm just looks so stiff and creepy. IMG_9173 Not to bring attention to Sean’s derriere or anything, but aren’t we all loving his new pants which, radically for him, are not 3 sizes too big?IMG_9175 In classic Williams fashion, Aunt Mary Beth made sure we squeezed in a trip to a bookstore before the reception. As a youngin’ Anna used to beg for a pet giraffe “to ride to school” and proudly used the email address “”  Don’t look for it on her LinkedIn page though; she no longer uses that address professionally.IMG_9180Open bar, baby! Budweiser on the country club golf field for Anna…
IMG_9182Kiddy cocktails for the more classy among us.
IMG_9183 Still nursing the same bud 2 hours later. IMG_9187 I admit, these photos may have been staged. Everyone was in fact given their own glass. It was a fancy wedding, after all. IMG_9191 IMG_9194 IMG_9196 IMG_9199 The crowd went wild as the bridal party was presented by the DJ and danced into the dining room. IMG_9200Our table was (almost) equally excited about the arrival of the bread baskets. IMG_9201 Watching Sean try to eat with this left arm is perpetually amusing. Sometimes he attempts with his right arm but rarely reaches his mouth. IMG_9203 Eggplant lasagna. The other entree options included a breaded Wisconsin fish with cauliflower and pork chop with mashed sweet potatoes. Two guests were unable to attend the wedding, but Aunt Mary Beth cunningly told the waiters the missing guests were in the bathroom. Then when each plate was delivered to the empty seats she’d sneakily run the plates over to our table. We cleaned them all! IMG_9204 Sean and Laura, always prepared, sneaked in a bottle of Cholula sauce for the table. The food was tasty, but everything can be improved with hot sauce. IMG_9214 After chocolate cake we danced till we started cramping. Then we kept dancing. And then 2 hours later pizzas were brought out to keep fueling the dancing. Brilliant move. IMG_9215 IMG_9218 IMG_9222After sleeping off the kiddie cocktails from the night before, we picked up coffee at Metropolis and brought it back to enjoy on the deck. IMG_9224 After living in NYC apartments for 5 years, you forget what a luxury it is to be able to grab your newspaper and brownie and simply step outside.  
IMG_9228Foreground: Anna looking posh. Background: Katie teaching Dad how to use an iPhone.

IMG_9232One of dad’s greatest joys of retirement is feeding the birds: “This is my favorite part of the whole day!”
IMG_9234 A classic Chicago alley stroll. IMG_9238 Waiting for a brunch table at Broadway Cellars.IMG_9239 These biscuits and gravy were the star of the meal. IMG_9242 Though Anna’s ribs grilled cheese and sweet potato fries was a runner up. IMG_9243With full bellies we walked through the neighborhood street fair.
IMG_9245 We didn’t need any funnel cake, watermelon slices or beaded jewelry, but we loved the Chicago Spirit dance/cheerleading troupe. IMG_9246They were amazing. All very diverse in body type, race, and age, but equally enthusiastic and talented.
IMG_9247Go Chicago! Go, Go Chicago!

And Congratulations to Sarah and Patrick!

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