Lola Love

To think that Katie and I resisted a cat for so long. (Wasn’t ’til the fourth mouse sighting that we finally caved in to Anna’s pleas).  Now we couldn’t imagine life without our Lola love.

In the beginning, Lola was only a “kitchen cat.”  In hindsight, CPS (Cat Protective Services) should’ve been called. She was confined to our tiny kitchen all day because someone didn’t want her hair everywhere. Oh and she had a terrible sneezing problem, which we don’t need to get into. Slowly she melted out hearts and she was let out of solitary confinement.

Now she is our pride and joy. Multiple times a day we pick her up and squeeze her, so happy to have such a perfect cat. Mind you, she isn’t a very clever dear. As Katie says, “There ain’t much behind those eyes.” Really she probably has a learning disability, but was sadly never placed in an early intervention program. While some cats can open cabinets to get to their food bag, Lola can have the food bag open on the floor and will still whine to have food placed in her bowl. She also gets stuck on the rug constantly and is scared of curtains.

However, we love her for who she is.

To all those who have been wondering how she has been faring, here is a little state of the union on Lola.

She is eternally small. Truly the runt of the litter. We also suspect she has bunny ancestry.  Part bunny, part cat=the perfect cat. photoHere Anna is encouraging her to embrace her bunny roots. She is conducting a scientific experiment on just how much of a bunny Lola is. Hypothesis: She’ll pick up the carrot in both paws and nibble away. Result: She batted the carrot around for a bit. Conclusion: About 7.96% bunny.

photo-8Anyways, this baby loves to cuddle.

IMG_2354While some cats don’t give a toot about people, Lola is truly happiest with a human to lean on. The minute you sit down, she will run over to nuzzle. Very physically and emotionally needy. photo-6 She cuddles in the crack of the couch when we are gone.

IMG_2356She really appreciates the value of small, cozy spaces.
photo-5She has a perfectly pink nose. And is sweet as a button.

IMG_2357But can bring the ‘tude when need be. photo-13She has spent the entire summer trying to stay cool on a stack of magazines. Given all the time she spends snoozing, we have to give her daily encouragements a la Oprah: “Are you living your best life Lola?! It’s time to start living your best life!”

IMG_2355But she also encourages us. Here, Lola gives Anna a high five as she diligently works from home. 
IMG_2345Ever since Sarah’s wedding, I’ve been on a temporary tattoo kick. As a pediatric nurse, I feel I can justify it in the professional setting (both on the floor and in my research job). I’ve only interrupted one meeting, when the Doctor stopped mid-sentence with “What is that glittery stuff on your arm?!” And I could reasonably respond with “the kids love it!”Anyways, this one goes out to Lola. In the rare event that I ever get a tattoo,  it will surely have to be a pun.

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5 thoughts on “Lola Love

  1. bugeyedkitty on said:

    Love lola! Great post 🙂

  2. Lola is on call 24 hours a day keeping mice away – that is important and hard work. I applaud her for the diligence and skill that requires.

  3. wordlvr on said:

    I saw the commenter above yesterday and she assured me that it was ok to comment on your writing. First, you have gone beyond travel writing here and now I know that you are not a niche writer but a writer. Writing about Lola was just as good. Next, I have read your NYC writing and I may become needy like Lola and beg you to spend the day with me next time I’m in New York (which may be years from now as I don’t get around that much.) I want to have your kind of NY day. Last, I understand this inclination to understand the psychology and character of the animals around us. We currently have my cousin’s two Goldendoodles while he and his wife romp in Napa for their fifth anniversary and Rachel (my 17 year-old human child) and I are hotly discussing their differences as though they’re human. I blush to admit, I was even trying to figure out what Myers-Briggs type each was. I think I’d better get out more.

    • Thank you! Yes come to New York City with MB and spend the day eating with us (which is our kind of NYC day). We’ve had quite a few fun days with MB and her friends in NYC. Haha unfortunately I don’t think Lola has enough depth to her to be any Myers-Briggs type. But Goldendoodles! That’s our dream dog. Can we trade Lola in for one?

  4. wordlvr on said:

    Eating in NYC is my kind of day, too. WIth the goldendoodles, I just got to the introvert-extrovert thing. Had a hard time with whether they were sensers or judgers! They are wonderful dogs…it was an inspired match.

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