Summer Round Up

A short round up of recent summer events:

1. Sister Dates

Lately, Anna and Katie have been going on many sister outings. Last weekend it was the Koons exhibit at The Whitney followed by a walk in Central Park. Working every other weekend means I miss out on a lot of these dates, but I feel like I vicariously take care of my cultural obligations through their museum-ing. And I get to enjoy the pictures that they send. 
photo-12photo-11photo-32. Out to Eat 
One of our favorite activities remains going out to eat. On a recent Tuesday we had the prix fixe at Prince St. Kitchen. What a delightful invention. Without the price fixe, we’d never have dessert at a restaurant!photo-9

This Indian restaurant in the East Village is the coziest space in New York City.  For those who have always dreamed of dining inside of a Christmas tree, this is your answer. The entire ceiling is densely decorated with low hanging lights so you have to duck your head. It is also about the size of a subway car so don’t expect to be able to move much or exit in a timely manner. There is no way this place is compliant with fire code. photo-2 If the lights weren’t enough excitement, twice during the short dinner the lights shut off and the strobe lights, disco ball and Indian techno music turned on while all the waiters started singing ‘happy birthday.’ The first birthday boy was a tiny fellow who was utterly confused. photo

Of course the experience is about the ambiance, making the food mostly irrelevant, but the food is actually pretty tasty. They rush it to your table and then they rush it off. When the waiter started clearing the plates away (there’s a long line out the door) I had to beg twice to have my dish back. Begrudgingly, he let me have it. Our friend wasn’t so lucky—in an instant, she was left with a fork full of food and no plate. But you can’t be upset about the service, because it really adds to the whole experience.

photo 1 We headed to Tribeca this Saturday for brunch at Bubby’s. To quench your thirst during the wait, Bubby’s kindly provides a pitcher full of pink lemonade. A very sweet touch indeed. photo 3

Recently, we have been engaged in a food war with Sean via text. He’ll send pictures of what he and Laura have been feasting on in Chicago and we retaliate with close-ups of our culinary adventures. A winner remains TBD at the moment. photo 2

        Vietnamese sandwiches on a bench in Park Slope.
photo 1 Chai tea, granola and the Sunday Style section in the Lower East 2A breakfast burrito in the Lower East Side.


And salty pork ramen on a late Saturday night.

3. Work Outing

photo-4Anna got to work from home on Friday and go to a team bonding event in the afternoon. I suppose there’s no better way to bond than over wine and fancy cheese in the West Village. Ah, start-ups.

4. Celebrate Brooklyn Concert

photo-75. Central Park Zoo

IMG_2315After sitting on my “To Do” list for about a year, we finally made it to the Children’s Petting Zoo in Central Park. IMG_2302After admiring hundreds of pristine white, happy sheep in the fields of Wales and Ireland this summer, this fellow was a little sad. Imagine how many dirty New York City children’s hands it took to get his coat this dirty. photo-3

Taking a break at the seal tank. The Central Park Zoo is the perfect size. I believe we saw every single monkey, insect and lion.
IMG_2307After all of our hard work feeding and petting the animals, we rested on the lawn in Central Park.

6. Upstate New York

IMG_2350A quick one-day respite in the Adirondacks.

7. 16-Hour Shifts

Not pictured cause, ya know, HIPPA.

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2 thoughts on “Summer Round Up

  1. wordlvr on said:

    This was a pretty tasty entry. I was compelled by the Banh Mi, which I’ve never had as I have a bit of a gluten problem. But they always look so delicious. I do like the little flashes of nail polish color that your readers can check out in the photos. Nice finish with the HIPPA comment. Endings are really hard.

  2. Is that Milon? I always go to the one on the second floor to the left! So funny!

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