Glory Days

Well, the glory days are officially over. Lil’ Katie has moved back to the Midwest. But if one has to leave New York City, you have to go out on a high note. And so she did. The week before she left, she went on a date with none other than … BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN’s (Son) Now to understand how exciting this is (as if one needed convincing), you have to know that the entire Williams family loves Bruce.  There have been many long-distance car rides with “Born in the USA” on repeat, family trips to his concerts and his portrait even hangs on our fridge.

If you can’t have The Boss, meeting the Boss’s (24-year-old) baby is pretty dang close. Some people go on hundreds of terrible dates in New York City for years, but Katie—alway the lucky one—goes on a date with Bruce Springsteen’s son the one year she is here.  Unfortunately, Bruce Springteen will not be her Father-in-Law. There will be no family vacations with Bruce on the Jersey Shore, nor world tours. The next week Lil Katie left New York City. Oh, but if she had stayed …

Now two Williams sisters have a Springsteen story. On my first week in New York City, I ran into Bruce near NYU with his arm around Patti. As I stared at my reflection in his sunglasses and shook his hand, I asked “How much are tickets to your next concert?” (Who has time for Ticketmaster?) He said “About a hundred, we try to keep is reasonable for the people.” And then Patti called him away. And I went home to buy tickets.

So that is the story of how Bruce welcomed me to New York and how his son gave Katie the perfect goodbye to New York. It is also the story of how a single summer evening validated Katie’s entire existence in New York City for a year.

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4 thoughts on “Glory Days

  1. Now that is what I calling leaving NYC in a Blaze of Glory! No paparazzi photos following the couple on the date?

  2. Carol Fulkerson on said:

    Holy Toledo!!! Now that is a remarkable story. Lucky, lucky Katie! Thanks for sharing.

  3. There is way too little information about this. How did she meet the son? How did she get asked out?

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