Bye, bye Lil Katie

The trips have been split up once again…

Don’t worry, we will reunite once again, stronger than ever.

But for now, a few photos from her last week in NYC:

photo “Kayaking on the Hudson with Emily. FOR FREE. I may have been paying high rents to nyc this past year, but I’m pretty sure that I managed to come out on top due to that 20 minutes of free kayaking.”

Since we are extremely cautious (wimpy) I’m very proud of our thirty minutes spent exploring the rough waters of the Hudson (or the tiny area sectioned off with giant, friendly blow-up animals). Near the end of our kayaking session a giant stick floated by (or was it an eel?) and we promptly booked it to the dock.        Side note: When admitting a patient recently who had been in a diving accident, he asked me “does being a nurse and seeing kids getting injured all day make you scared to do things?” I said, “yeah, but I already was a scaredy cat and didn’t do much in the first place.”


Katie didn’t want to tell Lola she was leaving until the last minute- spare her the heartbreak a bit- of course Lola could sense something was amiss what with all those big boxes piled up in the living room.


 <A final goodbye embrace>

photo 2

photo 1

We had a rather tearful goodbye. Anna said goodbye to her at the subway and I dropped her off at Penn station. Enroute to Pennstation I got a bit turned around in Herald Sqaure. Just my luck, a group of Mennonite women walked by. And, because it’s a well known fact that the Amish and Mennonites comprise half of every Amtrak car, I started to follow them to the train station… until they filed into Victoria’s Secret. Really?? Only in New York City.                                            Regardless we managed to find it in plenty of time for train departure. The one redeeming factor at Penn Station is that the bathroom is located next to Auntie Ann’s pretzels= so, against all odds, a public NYC train station bathroom manages to smell delightful.

When you take a 24hr train ride to Chicago you have nothing but time to instagram.

photo 3“Pretty sure this Amtrak train has yet to top ten mph. I should not be able to read those tombstones. #hour20.”

IMG_2574photo 4“Finally. #neveragain. #IHateEveryoneOnThisTrain.”

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