How to Survive Boredom in Corporate America

After a year of working in fun, cute bakeries (Magnolia Bakery), Katie returned to St. Louis and got a “real job.”  She made the best of her bleak office situation and scoured the web for a cheery mousepad (yes, people still use those things) to brighten up her day from 9 till 5. Katie reported that she had “big plans” for this simple mousepad with your standard stream and mountain scene. And so, because she assumed everyone else could also use a little something to look forward to, she now creates a daily picture. During her lunch break she draws and cuts out little figurines to place on the mousepad and tell a story. This is what we have to look forward to each afternoon when she sends us a picture of the finished product. They never fail to amuse us. Here’s to not letting a cubicle break your spirit…IMG_2982 IMG_2986 IMG_3001 IMG_3067 IMG_3072IMG_3075IMG_3077IMG_3079IMG_3143IMG_3145IMG_3160IMG_3162IMG_2630photo

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3 thoughts on “How to Survive Boredom in Corporate America

  1. This is great. You should make this into a book,

  2. I’m a fan! Wish I was as creative in my lunch hours!

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