Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from New York City!

IMG_2641In the days leading up to Thanksgiving, Katie’s mousepad creations helped build up our excitement.

Our celebration started off bright and early when Lola got an extra scoop of dry cat food as a special treat. Below, she naps it off in her Native American teepee—which come to think of it is very appropriate for the holiday.

IMG_9855We haven’t been able to go home for Thanksgiving in years, but we are very thankful to have the Killeen cousins in Queens to spend the day with. Whenever people ask what I’m doing for the holiday I casually brag, “Oh, we go to my cousin’s house … she’s a professional baker … one of her recipes was just featured in the New York Times for best Thanksgiving dishes.” (Yeah, try to top that.) IMG_9857Oh and she has cute little babies running around, a.k.a. personal little heaters to pick up and cuddle for warmth. IMG_9859He was pretty sleepy all day, which just made him cuter.
IMG_9860IMG_9862Jude entertained us by drawing pictures and educating us about dinosaurs and sharks. IMG_9863He’s a very serious little artist. IMG_9865Lochy is a little less serious.

IMG_9868I think Molly’s home is the coziest corner in New York and her kitchen is inevitably where everyone congregates. Molly is the ever calm host even with three babies undertow, a feast to prepare, and guests to entertain.

IMG_9874 Jude and Ronan discuss current events and exchange family gossip before the feast. IMG_9875 Or perhaps they’re discussing sharks … IMG_9876Or maybe dinosaurs… IMG_9873Breaking News! Please excuse this quick interruption, but school pictures are out! 
IMG_9879 I can’t decide which picture is better. They’re equally adorable in different ways. Last year he looked like a little cherub school boy in a candy shop. This year, it’s like a mug shot (in the best possible way) of a little old fashioned Irish boy. And, yes, I’ve already imagined a whole story line in my head for this … He got caught stealing a sweet roll on the street of Dublin. Don’t worry though, he turns his life around and gets adopted by a lovely family in the country.

IMG_9880 But back to real life Jude, who likes to ask for a million drinks a day and sip them on his kitchen chair. IMG_9882 The table was set and we eagerly waited for the feast to begin. IMG_9889Poor baby, he was was very, very hungry.
IMG_9892 Lochy reassured him the supper was coming soon. 
IMG_9896 Meanwhile Jude danced and danced to the same Michael Jackson song over and over again. IMG_9897It would end and then he’d beg for it again …IMG_9901This is what happened when we tried to play a new song (nothing against MJ).
IMG_9902We couldn’t not give in to that sad face, so Michael Jackson was back!

IMG_2542 It’s important that children learn how to take mirror selfies early on. IMG_2543 Children are such quick learners. IMG_2544

IMG_9877Here the little table waits eagerly for his moment of glory …IMG_9904And it was magnificent!IMG_9905Turkey, roasted carrots/sweet potato, corn bread stuffing, traditional stuffing, mashed potatoes, buttery biscuits, roasted cauliflower, and pumpkin lasagna. 
IMG_9907Dash toddled around—truth be told he wasn’t that interested in the feast and had some tummy issues. Ok sorry, I’m too used to discussing children’s GI issues at work, but I suppose there’s a time and a place. Back to dinner.. IMG_9908IMG_9910Plate #1. My second plate was equally wonderful. IMG_9911Then I made a major mistake and didn’t take any pictures of our three pies. I had to scarf them down and dash off to work. However, Anna took care of business. IMG_2558 IMG_2555

P.S. Williams/Wessels at Thanksgivings around the country …

Dad, always the life of the party, naps after dinner.

IMG_2560And Tommy in Florida.

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One thought on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. It looks like a wonderful day. We missed you in Chi-town but glad you had a great time.

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